Tuesday, September 9, 2008



Represent that shit! This event is being planned by SleazyK (kim), Mike RV, Nicole (rv?), jeremy?, and nick? i dunno about those last couple, but they're all stand up people - Mike, as you may remember, welded my tallbike and was insulted that I offered him dinner as a payment. Good people.


In other, more colors-related news - steve and I have been diligently working on colors (gang back patches) - we made up the central design (see last post) as a fnb parody - wrench and random nuts and bolts to reflect our by any means necessary approach to bikes and general dangerous and inconvenient haphazardedness. Next we found the font we'd use - sort of an old english type one that's somewhere between motorhead and wolfbrigade (UP THE PUNX!) and put them on transparencies - we burnt the first screen today PERFECTLY, but then broke a hole through when using a scotchbrite to get the final pieces cleared out. FUCK.

2nd attempt tomorrow.



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