Tuesday, September 23, 2008



So i've recieved a couple "no's" as far as sponsors go: the first being Brooklyn Machine Works, who say that the alley cat sounds cool, but that they're currently trying to focus more on northeast events - which is to be expected. I was happy and a little surprised that they even replied, so that was cool.

We recieved another "no" from Vaya Bags as well, with the reason that Tia is going out of town and won't be able to make prizes in time. She also said maybe next time? So if anyone's planning any races after December 13th, be sure to hit them up - they make cool stuff!



Retro City gave me a "probably," after a schpiel about how yuppies are good.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen is in! And not surprisingly. I do work there, but they're always down to sponsor races and generally support the community that supports them, and that's something that cannot be said about many other local businesses.

And DBAGS, my bag-making alter ego is in too - but talking in the third person is weird, so i'm going to stop.



Steve - I keep forgetting to throw yrs into my bag before I leave my house, so they're just sitting there - they're shipped tomorrow though! I promise!

And other Yabai who want colors talk to me - if you aren't formally associated with Yabai and are interested in being so - as a part of a Direct-Action positive, community organizing bicycle club, get at us too.


Eudocimus albus said...

hey i need some for sarah

Anonymous said...

i have been wondering about them. i appreciate your honesty and good looks. i hope to see ya'lls faces soon!