Friday, September 5, 2008


As a rider of a coaster brake conversion, a "coastie" if you prefer, i have some degree of separation from the fixed gear "scene. or movement. whatever you want to call it. Now alot of people like to bash or degrade this group. i wish i could call it a community, but that brings me to my point, which is solidarity. I felt that at least when i was a fixed gear rider, like i never truly felt at ease with all the other riders. This could be from insecurity on my part ( i was alot slower then, in my pre power thirst days), but also i think that it has alot to do with the cliqueness of the people in orlando. now im not saying that everyone should throw down their keffiyas and start hanging out together all the time, i know that there are alot of differing views of life and politics amongst people.

however we all share one thing in common and that is the love of cycling. i think that instead of judging others on whether there bike is ridiculous enough, or bianchi enough, or even put together properly, we should forget all those cultural boundaries, like whether you get your clothes from american apparel, and urban outfitters, or from dumpsters and moss and twigs. who cares. at least people are riding. you have that in common. there are plenty of things to talk about, and if you need to break the ice, use a suggestive bicycle reference, like " hey thats a huge cog you've got there." or "aren't you excited about Eastons working on a magnesium alloy frame with a strength better than 6061 and enlongation around 10 to 11 percent?"

now as a dreamer of dreams and travelin' man, i have chalked up many a mile. and i have realized that the only thing that holds us down is ourselves. non-riders disdain for fixed gear riders, is a reflection of the internal hatred that thrives amongst ourselves. and probably also in part a reflection on a motorized societys loathing of anything that makes them have to spend more time in their 16000 and up machines.

i mean look at the coastie scene in orlando. there is no dis-harmony in it at all.

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