Friday, September 19, 2008



As of late last night our first event sponsors have confirmed, and if the rest of the inquiries follow suit - it looks like we could have an amazing prize table on our hands.

First up, Yancopads. Javier Yanco and company have been really supportive of (maybe all?) most of the races held here in Orlando, and they're based all the way out in LA. They're always really responsive and easy to deal with, and they send out prizes the day before you first ask them if they want to sponsor your race. If you read this, yancopads, thanks!

Next, Profile Racing. I've rocked profile shit like there was no tomorrow on my bmx bike, and now they're getting involved in the fixed thing and make some SWEET hubs, cogs, etc. Looking forward to seeing what they'll send. They're also sponsoring the Back to School Shuffle tomorrow. Nice folks! Florida!

Lastly, and somewhat surprisingly, King Kog track bike boutique (BROOKLYN!).

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nathan said...

that king kog shirt looks awesome, i went to their website to check it out but i found no trace of it.