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So I was talking to Raniel last night (a follower of this very blog, in fact) who was telling me about the upcoming Arty Party. He said he wants the bicycles of yabai bc (and us too, I suppose?) to be represented, and the bicycles displayed. I told him I'd run it by everyone: so here it is!

What thinks everyone?

I like the idea: as a way to highlight and showcase bicycles (how many car shows are there a year?) especially those that are creative and handmade, especially when we can throw in radical analysis of consumption and the monopoly the oil industry has on the movement of people, and as an extension, their livelihood. Our bikes are also a product of the waste of our society, as most are dumpstered/otherwise unused (and donated).



last nights freaky friday, wasnt just about riding around on weird bikes, and looking for free stuff in the trash; it was about introspection, and self discovery.  while some of us went out riding, from deland, bravely, stayed at hoops to look through the dumpster of his soul.  in it he found many things, most of them priceless.

this is from deland, bracing himself for the arduous journey ahead

fully geared up to go spelunking in the caverns of his id

joyfully returning with the fruits of his search

fromdeland: activist, singer, hero.

also, low chopper is torture.  or so i hear.

and here is shipwreck on his tallbike

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bring yr bikes

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This just in - i got a huge vice for xmasx - cool!

fgg pr0n

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Hey you friends of mine. I'm about to leave for a bike trip to DeLand for the holiday. YBC DeLand, hit me up if you want to ride around the 24th ish. It's only 39 miles leaving from Ethos, which is only 7 more miles than the Nutcracker race I did in St. Pete, which gives me new confidence to pull this off non-stoppish in far less time than the last time I did the whole thing (that is, w/o my dad insisting on picking me up in Orange City).

ALSO a guy named Mike gave me another bike - a 26" front suspension NEXT mountain bike. I'll probably use the head tube/rear triangle w/ drivetrain for the swing bike. Looking forward to MIGHTY MONDAY (lets come up with a solid name soonish, pals.) Also there are three girls with yabai colors, plus others who hang out who don't come to the day, and I think we should aim to be more inclusive (well at least, this assuming that said females don't not want to build bikes.) Also there's 4 guys who contribute to this blog - does anyone else (guy or gal) want to as well?



Stranded in 1-4's butthole, Sanford, FL, with a suspicious flat tire. I almost got a spare tube before I left then got confident and didn't. This sucks.


Got picked up by my mom - i know, super bike punx. i'm now chillin' at parents home - there's tons of vegan food this year. fuck uep!


from bsnyc

do cops rock or run aerospokes?  
do they rock/run tazers?

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Manilla Monday was the shit.

myself, derek, jonbeard, facefulloflightning, and g-van were able to crank out three new choppers.

G-van's was a weird GT mountain bike that he re-raked and stretched the fork of (gazelle style) - this thing is SHORTT - pedals barely miss the ground, 40someodd degree headtube and forward-pitched bars make this a twitchy ride. super neat.

Derek made an old bmx into a chopper with a mad-long bmx-extendo-style fork - things only got one pedal too.

I made a deluxe, super comfort chopper with an old rear-suspended mountain frame. bmx-extendo style fork, rear 20" wheel in the front. ridic. sissybar and seat platform - huge desk chair saddle w/ backrest, it's curvy mono-leg as the handlebars.

click to enlarge

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hosted by facefulloffire/lightning

6AM FOOD not BOMBS // cooking
830AM FOOD not BOMBS // sharing

I"MA pickup some metal from allezsons too // fun shite

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! A C A B !

fuck the police.

that is all 
over and out 
Face full of fire/ taser

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el catfish, gus // photo here for no reason at all

I was bored a fucked around with the top title thingy and it's nearly unreadable - deliberate yabai style there, boyee. Also I put together a little "about" section to the right of this post, if you're yabai, let me know what you think, twinkly fingers or not.

Freaky Friday is this friday, and every friday, meeting behind colonial photo and hobby, near the intersection of mills and colonial. If anyone else is down, I'd like to meet up at 11/1115 if possible so we can hammer out a quick meeting and maybe get a head start on the tour de trash.

Possible agenda items:

who's officially in? people who are "in" w/o colors? people who yabai'd their bag when i made that stencil - officially in? possibility of "honorary members" in other cities (i.e. small yabai patches i gave to jeremy and pablo from richmond and robbie from nowhere tens of years ago)?

initiation process
current ideas about it? x#'s freaky fridays, weld, dumpster a bike and make it rideable, yabai tags, tire burn, i'4, help organize an event? which do we like and why? which will be it?

current invited peoples (double check it out)
processes to invite people, pre-existing personal qualities we look for/ people we like

colors for peeps w/o them (derek? g-van?)
i'm making up some more colors tomorrow and will have them on friday, we'll talk about who they're for.


RIP Chopadile Dundee, the monotube chopper that I accidentally threw away :( // take the reigns, famous fix bearded chopper and mike schmidts royalty weed smuggler chopper.

Now it's time to make a hellish correct chopper with a saddlebags, low huge saddle with back rest, sissy bar, loud pipes, a flag, wacky long fork, decorations, tiny front wheel, etc.

loud pipes?







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Reposted from 407fixed:

"Chris just got his ride yanked, description as follows:

black generic track frame
sugino crankset
cream weinman rim in the back
polished nitto risers
babyblue aerospoke.

will post a picture as soon as he sends one. Also, Tyson got his bike stolen as well from in front of Hudges house. All I have on this one is that it's a mid 80's maroon Nishiki. If you have a picture, send it on over and I'll add it to the post...

Lock those bikes! Thefts have BEEN on the rise..."


Monday, December 15, 2008


mutant mondays have been becoming more successful!

past mutant monday we made a tandem and two choppers - in attendance were myself, .steve, jonbeard, garrett, mandy, eric, mattyp and maybe others. it was a grand ol time.

today we made up a cargo bike (it's really weird to ride - made from a segment of chainlink fence) and a tallbike - todays attendance was myself, jonbeard, grapevan, shipwreck, jeromey, derek (deepak), garrett and maybe others. it was sweet - we had grapevans welder too and had two welding spots around the hoose

pics later


YABAI mentioned in Korg product review at 4:30...

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Everyone come by the ritz carlton for manarchist monday mania!!! get buff!! drink!! blow fire at hunks of metal!! blow metal hunks!!  grind!!!   Cmon jj im talkiin to you!! Cmon!!  

Friday, December 12, 2008

FFFFFFFreaky FFFridaty!!!

Lets do it! Great way to start Orlando Bike Weekend! 

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our analytics report shows that we've gotten hits from:

winter park
orange city
broward county
pembroke pines
pompano beach
north miami beach
haines city
bonita springs
lake mary

hennepin county
inver grove heights

new york




north metro



ft mill

north andover

la jolla



Where's everyone at? Say hi!
also here's a sweet site to check out!  


lets get the swing bike done next time!!


My life is complete


so yesterday we got a couple choppers put together; here is a picture of mine

it was a really productive day, we got a tadem builtwith/for garret and mandy, and another chopper for ryan.  steve was there too with lots of help and ideas!!  there were also beverages and a 6 mile break in ride for the choppers me and ryan went on.  the day was so fun and exciting, that as soon as i got home i fell asleep on the couch!

as a special bonus, here is ryan blasting his dick with sparks!! just like at an MSI show!!

ryansparks by you.
we will be doing this every monday i think.  machismo mondays!!

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this is whats up today!!  bears are the new punx, albino sheephorsesz are the new bikez!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

sorry yall missed it

but this is what yabai got up to last night and it was fresh

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This weeks ride was segmented in two. Jonbeard and I hit up the north stretch early as he'd have to work at 9 am the next morning (until 1130 or so pm for that matter) - so we did that up, found some tapes, some bar tape, a partial mannequin bust (totally jacked dude), and a couple security camera mounts. After that I ate some banana chips at his domicile and watched part of whale wars for the first time - good shit! can't say even how much i'd love to fuck up some whaleboat.

Part deux took place with jeremy, derek and I, leaving from the usual meetup. meeting didn't happen cos we were only 3 people. maybe we can organize a little more next time for a meeting. on the south stretch we got some tires and a cliffbar display (about 4ft tall!)that i strapped to my bag and carried on the tallbike. after that we acted silly. say hi turd.


Open Invite:

on monday jonbeard and I are working on choppers, another run of yabai colors and possibly some long-awaited jewel/ccr back patchedness. should be fun - I'd imagine starting up around 1230 or 1, so if anyone wants to hang out in the car port, learn to screen print, weld things together, act silly, listen to music, beverage, and/or w/e get on over! 2139 carlton dr


Initiation ideas (any/all?):

attend x# freaky fridays
make a ______bike?
solve a wordsearch?
(big deal) accept our (future) mission/ideology
help organize an event?



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for julius and mel - pre freaky friday



I stumbled across this while looking for news articles about Orlando Food not Bombs: Some of you may remember Max Rameau from the introduction to the 2003 FTAA Protest documentary "The Miami Model" or maybe you heard about the Umoja Village Shantytown in Miami's Liberty City - maybe you met/saw him at SFRAC 2007 when ofnb presented about the ordinance, maybe you saw his presentation at page house? Either way, his reputation is well deserved - this was an AP story released about a week ago:

Miami activist moves people into foreclosed houses

Associated Press Writer
MIAMI — Max Rameau delivers his sales pitch like a pro. "All tile floor!" he says during a recent showing. "And the living room, wow! It has great blinds."

But in nearly every other respect, he is unlike any real estate agent you've ever met. He is unshaven, drives a beat-up car and wears grungy cut-off sweat pants. He also breaks into the homes he shows. And his clients don't have a dime for a down payment.

"We're matching homeless people with people-less homes," he said with a grin.

Rameau and a group of like-minded advocates formed Take Back the Land, which also helps the new "tenants" with secondhand furniture, cleaning supplies and yard upkeep. So far, he has moved six families into foreclosed homes and has nine on a waiting list.

"I think everyone deserves a home," said Rameau, who said he takes no money from his work with the homeless. "Homeless people across the country are squatting in empty homes. The question is: Is this going to be done out of desperation or with direction?"

With the housing market collapsing, squatting in foreclosed homes is believed to be on the rise around the country. But squatters usually move in on their own, at night, when no one is watching. Rarely is the phenomenon as organized as Rameau's effort to "liberate" foreclosed homes.

Florida — especially the Miami area, with its once-booming condo market — is one of the hardest-hit states in the housing crisis, largely because of overbuilding and speculation. In September, Florida had the nation's second-highest foreclosure rate, with one out of every 178 homes in default, according to Realty Trac, an online marketer of foreclosed properties. Only Nevada's rate was higher.

Like other cities, Miami is trying to ease the problem. Officials launched a foreclosure-prevention program to help homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage, with loans of up to $7,500 per household.

The city also recently passed an ordinance requiring owners of abandoned homes — whether an individual or bank — to register those properties with the city so police can better monitor them.

Elsewhere around the country, advocates in Cleveland are working with the city to allow homeless people to legally move into and repair empty, dilapidated houses. In Atlanta, some property owners pay homeless people to live in abandoned homes as a security measure.

In early November, Rameau drove a woman and her 18-month old daughter to a ranch home on a quiet street lined with swaying tropical foliage. Marie Nadine Pierre, 39, has been sleeping at a shelter with her toddler. She said she had been homeless off and on for a year, after losing various jobs and getting evicted from several apartments.

"My heart is heavy. I've lived in a lot of different shelters, a lot of bad situations," Pierre said. "In my own home, I'm free. I'm a human being now."

Rameau chose the house for Pierre, in part, because he knew its history. A man had bought the home in the city's predominantly Haitian neighborhood in 2006 for $430,000, then rented it to Rameau's friends. Those friends were evicted in October because the homeowner had stopped paying his mortgage and the property went into foreclosure.

Rameau, who makes his living as a computer consultant, said he is doing the owner a favor. Before Pierre moved in, someone stole the air conditioning unit from the backyard, and it was only a matter of time before thieves took the copper pipes and wiring, he said.

"Within a couple of months, this place would be stripped and drug dealers would be living here," he said, carrying a giant plastic garbage bag filled with Pierre's clothes into the home.

He said he is not scared of getting arrested.

"There's a real need here, and there's a disconnect between the need and the law," he said. "Being arrested is just one of the potential factors in doing this."

Miami spokeswoman Kelly Penton said city officials did not know Rameau was moving homeless into empty buildings — but they are also not stopping him.

"There are no actions on the city's part to stop this," she said in an e-mail. "It is important to note that if people trespass into private property, it is up to the property owner to take action to remove those individuals."

Pierre herself could be charged with trespassing, vandalism or breaking and entering. Rameau assured her he has lawyers who will represent her free.

Two weeks after Pierre moved in, she came home to find the locks had been changed, probably by the property's manager. Everything inside — her food, clothes and family photos — was gone.

But late last month, with Rameau's help, she got back inside and has put Christmas decorations on the front door.

So far, police have not gotten involved.

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It saddens me to announce that my pet rat, BOMA, has passed away from a tumor. He was a good rat (most of the time) and liked climbing the rails of his enclosure and exploring the potted plants outside.



yabai meeting before FREAKY FRIDAY tomorrow? I'd like to discuss points of unity officially. If anyone has any points or would like to draft some up, I'd say do it and bring it to the meeting to be discussed.

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