Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Hey you friends of mine. I'm about to leave for a bike trip to DeLand for the holiday. YBC DeLand, hit me up if you want to ride around the 24th ish. It's only 39 miles leaving from Ethos, which is only 7 more miles than the Nutcracker race I did in St. Pete, which gives me new confidence to pull this off non-stoppish in far less time than the last time I did the whole thing (that is, w/o my dad insisting on picking me up in Orange City).

ALSO a guy named Mike gave me another bike - a 26" front suspension NEXT mountain bike. I'll probably use the head tube/rear triangle w/ drivetrain for the swing bike. Looking forward to MIGHTY MONDAY (lets come up with a solid name soonish, pals.) Also there are three girls with yabai colors, plus others who hang out who don't come to the day, and I think we should aim to be more inclusive (well at least, this assuming that said females don't not want to build bikes.) Also there's 4 guys who contribute to this blog - does anyone else (guy or gal) want to as well?



Stranded in 1-4's butthole, Sanford, FL, with a suspicious flat tire. I almost got a spare tube before I left then got confident and didn't. This sucks.


Got picked up by my mom - i know, super bike punx. i'm now chillin' at parents home - there's tons of vegan food this year. fuck uep!


JEROMEy said...

who all has colors. cause the olny people rocken em are ryaon,hammerbeard,steve and myself, i know lucie has some but nothing to put it on

ryanfromdeland said...

sarahbeard and keri also have colors - sarah rocks them too

Rapevan said...

I'm colorblind

P.s. I would like to be a contributor

ryanfromdeland said...

what's yr email, rvan?

jon beard said...

we should get a yabai rat.

also we should def have a meet. work out initiation and otherz. last night a bunch of kidz who i dont remember their namez but i kinda know were asking about it.

should we do beat ins? beat offs?
friendship bracelets?

spare tubes are not yabai at all. real punx do it on a flat.

crustmas yall



where were you last night facefulloffalsehopes

Tyler Legacy said...

I've got some free bike parts for your build if you want.

ryanfromdeland said...

yo tyler i'm in deland - call me up if you want - i'll be walking down to deland cyclery today for that tube.

386 717 2548

Rapevan said...



Anonymous said...

I'm glad your mom was able to pick you up, i wonder what roads did you take?

can you be in two bike gangs? ...................what am i saying fuck yabai!


17-92 the whole way

Shleppin Deckle said...

I'd like to be contribute to yabai blog. Eh? Oh and fuck a christmas.