Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Vintage" Bike Shot Found

Mike Schmitt on "Goldberg"

Mike lived at Carlton and could be frequently seen either wheeling up and down the road, figuring out how to unicycle (often over logs and crates), or actually inventing fixed tricks. He moved to RVA after we got evicted and since then has been blowing up. Check him out on Pedal Consumption and Prolly (both from the same day, too) - congrats, Mike!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Tonight, I had the pleasure of spending time with some friendly and wonderful folks at TIME'S UP bike coop (at their Brooklyn location). I always enjoy seeing how different people in different areas react to the needs of their community, and the constant flow of people in there definitely made it seem that it has long been an integral part of the community here.

Overall, the space had every tool my friend and I needed, but it did seem this location didn't have many used parts, and didn't have storage for works in project. I assume that their Manhattan location did. I commend them for their awesome efforts in participating in direct action against car culture, and aiming on bringing together everyone through cycling.

If you're in NYC, traveling through for any amount of time, I would highly suggest checking them out, and I'm sure you'll be greeted by their friendly demeanor and knowledgeable mechanics. It was most definitely a nice change in pace from the not so friendly attitudes of some of the more well known bike shops up here.

See ya'll soon!