Sunday, November 30, 2008


thanks everyone who helped, raced, had fun, acted stupid and everything else you all did
(sorry if i misspell yr name - it's from your own handwriting)

1st Guy(s): Bradford White and Cooper Brinson (tied)
3rd Guy: Dale Hines
1st Gal: Kelly McCarver
2nd Gal: Mandy P.
3rd Gal: NA
DFL: Steven M.
Costume: Hood (wore a mask)
Our Pick: Mandy and Garrett for being the first people in Orlando to race on tallbikes

We also had a "favorite condiment" column on the registration sheet and here's the results:

Relish: 2
Ketchup: 4
BBQ Sauce: 4
Curry: 1
Hot Sauce: 1
Lemon Butter?: 1
Jon Beard: 2
Worcestershire: 1
Banana Peppers: 1
Balls: 1

mike wouldn't let mandy leave until he climbed through her tallbike // for photos click the picture

thanks and watch out for a race this spring all downtown with 15-20 checkpoints - wacky!

Friday, November 28, 2008

DYSSS ヤッピーの浮きかすの買物熱


VOLUNTEERS: MEETUP AT 2030HRS (10:30 for you 12-hour-watch-wristed-people) at HERITAGE SQUARE PARK DOWNTOWN

View Larger Map

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Olli Erkkila has style and class (PERIOD!, or exclamation point). His lines are bold, his brazes are smooth, and overall his creativity doesn't seem to cease. Olli you've got a fanboy in me!

And the man himself...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Mike Schmidt and I worked on a tandem tall for him last night and this morning and came up with this. There's a mens' road frame w/o back triangle backed up to a bmx frame w/o back triangle (and half of seat tube, lengthwise). The rear "dropouts" are the bmx fork welded straight. There's a 26" suspension fork (bent, dumpstered). On top is a ladies road frame. The steering linkage was basically just the stock top fork. The bottom headset was fitted with a stem with a handlebar cut the width of the dropouts - i ran a skewer throught the dropouts, then throught the short handlebar. there's a "structural" beam between the top downtube and the bottom top tube. - lastly we added a seatpost and saddle off the top of where the bmx headset would be. Voila.

This thing rides a little weird due to the negative headtube angle (probably like 100 degrees), resulting in a forward pitched seat tube angle as well. It kind of feels like you're the maiden on the front of a pirate ship. Passengering is good though, and you can re-start the chain whenever it pops off.



Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008



Nick and Kim put together Orlando's first Cranksgiving Charity alleycat that was today (Yabai deland, that's where I was today) - This was, essentially, a very messenger-style race. Racers had to pick up specific groceries from specific stores and drop them off at specific checkpoints. We got a bunch of canned goods from all over Orlando, and dropped them off to specific places all over orlando. We also had to save reciepts. This combined with locking up, navigating, being efficient, keeping reciepts, a manifest and money straight, trying to remember what to get where and where to drop them off, and RIDING FAST. made this race pretty mentally challenging.


Job #1 - Pick up envelope @ Ace.Metric--Sligh Blvd and Underwood St.
Job #2 - Pick up 2 cans of corn, 1 can soup -- Publix on Edgewater Dr. and W. Harvard St. -- Deliver To: Loch Haven Park, Main Entrance on Princeton St.
Job #3 - Pick up 1 can of chickpeas, 1 can black beans -- Albertson's on Orange Ave. and Michigan St. -- Deliver To: RED parking garage on W. Central Blvd. and Orange Ave. - 3rd floor
Job #4 - Pick up 1 can of green beans, 1 can of peas -- Publix on Colonial and Shine Dr. -- Deliver to: Colonial Lanes Bowling Alley, Primrose Dr. and Livingston St.


1. Go in any order, but drop off has to be with the corresponding store checkpoint.

2. SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS at each pick-up point.

3. Lock your bike at each checkpoint. Bike thefts are on the rise in Orlando!

4. At the parking garage -- lock your bike, GO TO THE 3RD FLOOR via the steps or elevator

5. This is a charity event. You DON'T have to spend more than what is listed, but it would be nice

The racer who spends THE MOST money will be rewarded! Again, save your receipts in the envelope given to you.

Fastest, Dead Last, Most Money Spent

Kickball after the race! 20% discount at Ethos Vegan Kitchen with spoke card! Have fun! Thanks for coming out
(end translation)

To start I didn't feel too good after some funky fermented mate the other night and have had a stomach ache for a couple days. It was a little better today, but it was also windy and my legs felt a lot like Jell-O gelatin snacks (not vegan). Given how complicated the race happened to be and these bodily conditions, I thought I might take it a little easy (for a second). After getting warmed up, I had a sort of second wind and got everything done pretty fast (I guess I made top ten of fifty and change). In all I think this race was REALLY well put together - there was so much food donated to the coalition for about 10 bucks a person and everyone had a shitton of fun.

Pete and Taylor from tampa took first guys
Katie and Keri from Orlando took first gals
Some kid (name unknown) got DFL and Faceplant
Josh got most money prize (best prizes in my opinion - a burro backpack and red-ano nitto bullhorns)





So this weeks episode was very cold. I had a terrible stomach ache too. In attendance were steve, derek and myself. Found were several tires, sram chain, dura ace chain, 26" suspension fork, vintage campagnolo ("brev"?) headset, 2 bibs, 1 pair of bike shorts and 2 jerseys.

Good night indeed!

Friday, November 21, 2008


6 Tall / BLBC?


CORRECTION: Freaky friday is TONIGHT - not tomorrow night. As in the friday part.



Freaky friday is tomorrow! Midnight behind colonial photo and hobby. Someone bring a camera? I'd love to put up some (non-incriminating) pics up on the yabai website. I found a red 24" beach cruiser in a dumpster, might use it for the refined pennyfakething. I also put in an offer on a Pista Concept today - we'll see how that all goes...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Get yr freak on, on yr freak bike! *all bikes welcome*
Midnight behind colonial photo and hobby.

I' 悲しいmそう! バイバイvivalo

bye bye....i wanted you so bad

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Unauthorized Hubs
407 where you at?
Blackshaw can you get these?


Monday, November 17, 2008


click for page on this bike

For the above bike, if we made something like it, i think we'd need to add some extra metal to the cart - it's not held on by much...

Cargo Ideas
lets get some!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

盗まれるバイク // STOLEN BIKE

Birdie's bike was stolen from inside the florida hospital (near princeton/science center). Keep an eye out:

composite picture compiled at the pedalmafia site // stem is actually smaller and less pitched, handlebars are not actually pursuit style, but flattish nitto-style.

Blue Trek Elance
Carbon seat post
Blue Soma saddle
Sugino RD Crank
Silver box-section rims laced to silver hubs
blue-wall tires
bullhorns (not flip/chop)
silver/clear grip tape.
black stem
one toeclip

If you have any information about this, please call birdie @ 407-739-2473 (save the number, just incase).

More References:


BTUSA logo

Saturday, November 15, 2008

thought this is pretty cool


from the scallywags site - a defunct christian bike club


Allie says "hi"


時制は // の実にいやな変人合わない


Freaky Friday last night for the most part was really cool. It was a small crew consisting of Derek, Jeremy and myself. We had a quick Yabai Pow Wow to discuss a couple things about Freaky Friday. Firstly we hold the opinion that all found items are to be given to whomever needs them (an extension of the anarchistic/gift economy ideal of 'from each according to ability, from each according to need.'" We don't really need extensive processes to decide who "needs" what, but I figure we could just talk it over, and try to stay cool. Also, because in the future we may have some among us who might not be punx, we decided that no event put on in the name of Yabai will ever put any member of Yabai in a position of financial gain from it. I.E. all extra money will go to some cause, fundraiser, etc.

We set off and talked about RVA's Rider's of the Apocalypse U-Locks of Love fundraiser and how we'd like to do something along those lines either with locks or lightsets. We'll be ordering them through Ace.Metric hopefully.

Through the couple of dumpsters we hit we got a few tires, a 36t chainring (with a small bolt pattern, to be determined), some grip tape (that was white), some chains, and a near-complete roadmaster mountainbike.

High (low?) light of the night was when we got honked at on mills, driver yelled "hey cool bikes" then turned on his car light inside and was nude, masturbating. Putting the Freaky in Freaky Friday, I suppose.


P.S. Freaky Saturday tonight - meets behind Colonial Photo and Hobby 1130/Midnight. We'll need to find a day thats good for everyone, that's also a good night for the trashiness. Cargo bikes will be needed soon too.

Friday, November 14, 2008

馬鹿の愚か者 (what's with the romaji, jon?)


from // this event will be held in st. pete

"Here's how chicago does it:
(FAQ from )
The Chiditarod Rules

* General
* 2008


Carts outside of twisted spoke, 2007
The Iditarod is the famous long-distance race in which yelping dogs tow a sled across Alaska. Our Chiditarod is pretty much the same thing, except that instead of dogs, it's people, instead of sleds, it's shopping carts, and instead of Alaska, it's Chicago.

Who can race?
Anyone can race and everyone should race, as long as you are at least 21 years old. You can forward this invitation to anyone you know.

Isn't it going to be cold?
Absolutely. The race goes off rain or shine, blizzard, breeze or tornado. What does this mean? Well, if there is a foot of snow on the ground, be prepared. Teams have built sled attachments to their carts to handle such situations. In any cast, bundle up!

What is this going to cost me?
Dignity. Plus, there is a $5 per person entry fee. That money pays back limited expenses. Everything else is prize money. One of the best things about the Chiditarod is that there are tons of ways to participate and win. See our prizes page for the latest information on how you too can be a winner with the Chiditarod. Cash? We'll spread it around. Promise.

How do I register?
You may register online up until 12 hours before the race. You can also register in the morning starting at 11 am.

What's the route?
That's up to you. The race will begin at 12:30 pm SHARP. You choose the fastest path between the start, each checkpoint, and the finish. Your team will stay at each checkpoint for 20 minutes before continuing on your journey.

Are there rules?
Yes, quite a few of them. The carts must be pulled doggy-sled style. That means that each team must have four people in front with ropes pulling the cart (the dawgs), and one person running behind the cart steering (the musher). This configuration represents the theoretically ideal power-to-steerage ratio of 4:1, and must be observed at all times.

However, dawgs and mushers are free to trade off at the checkpoints. All team members must finish together - no stray dogs! (Of course dogs and musher may run free while they're being watered at the checkpoints.) There will be marshalls along the route to ensure proper form, function, and of course, safety...
The Chiditarod is also a food drive - 25 pounds per cart!

In addition to being an outstandingly fun time, and to give back to the community, the Chiditarod is also a food drive. Your cart has to cross the finish line with 25 pounds of food or more! You can hide food along the way, have your friends meet you with it, or have it stuffed in your pocket when the gun goes off - it's up to you. Just don't forget your groceries at the finish line. Remember - there is a substantial prize for the team that collects the most poundage of food and has the best food presentation! And please - high-protein non-perishable foods are highly preferred.

Can we use public transportation?

Can we use private transportation?
No. This occured in 2007 by the Bunnies. Be assured that this will result in immediate disqualification and public flogging.

Can I bring my real dogs?
No...please, no.

Can we try to prevent other teams from winning? i.e. sabotage?
Everyone enjoys some good competition... In other words, creative, non-destructive uses of sabotage are tolerated (and actually encouraged by some). There might even be a prize for the best sabotage. So be prepared to give and receive, racers! DO NOT endanger each other. You will be disqualified.

Should I obey city traffic laws?
You should obey all applicable traffic and civil laws. Unless, of course, you want to become one with your cart and/or the concrete and/or the back seat of a police van, we highly recommend obeying all traffic laws. Good luck!

How do I design my sled/harness?
With full regard to both safety and all relevant civil, criminal, and physical laws. See below for more information.

Who has the final say?
The judges. The judges have final say over all prizes and winners. This is complete and final.

Does my team need its own shopping cart?

Where do we get a cart?
There are many places where one can acquire the standard grocery-size shopping cart that you will need to participate. Ask your local supermarket if they will lend you a cart for the "race of the century." They will be glad to participate in this unique event. Give it back to them as a work of art after the race.

You may also purchase a cart. Google found these websites:

Can we decorate or modify our shopping cart?
Yes, of course! However, there are rules -- kind of like stock car racing.

* Your shopping cart must roll on four rubber caster wheels.
* The only exception is that you can attach some sort of sled substructure to the bottom of the cart in case of deep snow or treacherous ice.
* As a general rule, you can attach things to your cart, make a riding platform, and grease up your wheels.
* You can also chop up the cart and rearrange the pieces -- but they all have to be attached somewhere else on the cart. All original pieces must be accounted for.
* Your shopping cart cannot be motorized, nor can you use any type of bike/pedal structure for propulsion.
* You must use a normal-sized cart, i.e. not one of those baby carts from Whole Foods.
* All four "dogs" must pull the cart with ropes of some sort.
* If you don't like the idea of being tied to a moving shopping cart, handling the ropes is fine and possibily even recommended.
* Your cart should be able to fit (with whatever effort necessary) through a regular front-door-sized opening. If it's wide, maybe use hinges?
* Helmets may be a good idea for some. Actually - WE RECOMMEND HELMETS!
* You and your cart should be prepared for hostile weather, including snow. Build a sled apparatus, if needed.

Okay, so we should decorate the cart. Should we also wear costumes?
Absolutely. Creativity is a huge part of this event. Wild costumes and insane themes are wholly encouraged. The first rule of Chiditarod is... fun is mandatory.

What do I do with my cart after the race?
Pack it in, pack it out. Your cart is your responsiblity. The New York organizers faced a $5,000 fine in 2006 due to race entrants not accounting for their carts. So please, be respectful and LEAVE NO TRACE. Take the cart to a supermarket, perhaps. Or loan it to someone. There were a few 2007 teams that did NOT take care of their carts. This year there is a $25 "cart insurance" deposit, which you will recieve back at the end of the race after you take your cart away with you."

bashō uete / mazu nikumu ogi no / futaba kana

im more excited about this event than i have been for anyother.

we need to start preparing now

we need also to bring all our freakbikes

show how yabai do

also create a super sick cart

Thursday, November 13, 2008


click to enlarge


I stumbled across this flickr photoset of the R.E.Load Baggage store/shop. Looks really cool!

click for set


Wednesday, November 12, 2008






This is the weekly YABAI ORLANDO ride. Fridays at midnight. We'll hit up dumpsters around town (bike shops and others) in order to prevent the waste of useful things, to up the fun, and to gather materials for future freakiness. It'll also be a good unifier for the group as well as a time when a quorum of members will be available to discuss things like events, group identity, etc.

What do people think about meeting up in the parking lot behind little saigon/colonial photo and hobby? 2345HRS meet/ 0000HRS ride?

ALSO now that there are 10ish people with colors (several don't have vests/jackets yet for which to affix said colors), who are obviously down with the group, does anyone want to be added to the "contributors" for this blog??




Traded grapevan for a triple. it's too tall to be convenient.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



For you vintage roadbike fans - i'm getting a laaaate 80's pinarello with (nearly) full campagnolo for a steal at 300 bones.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


It was a very fortuitus morning for me, as i randomly got a steel mountain bike frame from a friend, who happened to need a lift to work.  it is a huffy fugitive piece of awesome shit, that will be promptly stripped of everything, and left to wait for its partner for the tall trike.  i have one steel shock fork from fromdeland, and maybe another from someone on ibot. Im not sure who this person is in real life, but hopefully will soon.

im really stoked, and hope to be on three wheels soon!!

if anyone has any leads on any other steel frames for free or cheap let me know, that would be the shit

p.s.  the beehive design collective is going to be in gainsville dec. 12 i kinda wanna go

Saturday, November 8, 2008



click to enlarge



click to enlarge




From the feedback I've gotten from everyone I've talked to, fridays seem to be a common night off for a trash ride. In the spirit of DIY and doing dumpster runs, I think we should emphasize (eventually) riding freak/trash bikes on these rides. We could also hang out before and after and whatnot.


What does everyone think? What date should we start this?


so about a year ago i read an article in national geographic about malaria and it has always stayed in the back of my mind. 

i think everyone should read it.  and also be aware that by the time you finish it 20+ people will have died of malaria.

to help check out

Friday, November 7, 2008

i want this

Tall Trike

time is moving really slow

i love living in a police state. mass surveillance, and compulsory vaccinations are the shit.

Thursday, November 6, 2008



My fav band: only partly bike related (guess how?)



art by christy road

For all Yabai people interested: what days of the week are you available to meet about setting up a work day for getting freaky on some bikes. I propose my car port, a subsection of the Ritz-Carlton // Food not Bomb's // Porche // Bananarchy Zoo Multiplex. I have some tools, a 4.5" di-grinder and a mig welder. I think doing a tuesday workshop maybe would be good. Allthough the past two wednesdays I've been working on Freak Fuck, I don't think wednesday would necessarily be a "good" day to have shop as it would conflict with FnB. Thursdays would also be out for the free grocery day.


While on the topic of Freak Fuck, A tall-tight-front-wheel-drive monstrosity i've been working on, I did a lot of work on it yesterday with the help of Bryan and Derek and Matt P and others. I took apart the front seering setup, which had been stupid loose from the threads of the steerer tube being hopelessly mangled, resulting in a gnarly cross-thread incident. I cut that shitty tube off and replaced it with a nice one, with most of a headset too!. Next I addressed "how" tight this bike was, based on it's wheelbase. I installed a 27" wheel for the front wheel and realized i'd only have room enough for an 8" in the back (which was fine), but the length of the rear fork would have pitched the bike backwards to the point of unrideability. I sectioned the tube to the rear fork and added 5 or 6 inches, added some new braces in the form of the fork legs formerly of the top part of Bike Flag, and got the weird idea to weld the swingarm from FF's top frame on to the rear fork - correctly, facing backwards. It'll support a 20" wheel in the back. moreover - this bike is way taller than i had originally planned, so that's exciting. Debuting at a CM near you!


At the upcoming meeting I'd also like to talk about setting up a "trash ride." Midnight raids on bike shop (and other) dumpsters. This will gain us a fun group dynamic, tons of free bikes and parts and lots of fun. This is the beginning of something awesome.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


To those who voted:

Congratulations—you voted! You’ve taken part in an important American tradition that upholds what America really stands for. Let’s take a few minutes to look at what this great nation is all about and how you’ve helped keep our sacred values alive and strong.

Election time is when we unite together as Americans, recognizing that when it comes to participating in elections, we have much in common with each other. After all, both parties and their candidates work to maintain and are part of the same system. Regardless of which party you voted for, you’ve voted to support:

War and Occupation!

Whether Iraq or Afghanistan, war will continue under either candidate. McCain will maintain the occupation of Iraq, while Obama will widen the occupation of Afghanistan. Either route will ensure more murder and more atrocities in the name of “freedom.” And, of course, there are always new invasions and new occupations on the horizon!


Both McCain and Obama, and the parties they represent, will do all they can to make sure that America continues to seek dominance in every area of the globe. Depending on the specifics of a given situation, imperialism will come in the form of violence, military aggression, economic force, and political influence to ensure that America stays on top. And if these don’t work, our elected officials can always employ the tried and true American tradition of using the CIA to overthrow democratically elected administrations that refuse to serve as foreign puppets for U.S. imperialism.

Domestic Surveillance!

Both candidates for the presidency voted to implement the FISA Amendment Act of 2008, which grants the federal government increased power to spy domestically without warrants. It also gives retroactive impunity to communication corporations that assisted in illegal domestic surveillance during the Bush administration. And, hey, who can blame them? The more we are encouraged through surveillance to self-police ourselves, the more free time police have to put down dissent!


Have no fear—both candidates will pursue the U.S.’s quest for the expansion of predatory global capitalism and free trade. With either administration, the U.S. will work to ensure that corporations continue to reap huge profits from the labor and resources of others. Of course, it is easier to exploit the oppressed, so much attention will be given to destabilizing and taking advantage of third world economies and populations under the thumb of U.S. backed regimes, using sweatshops, paramilitaries, the institutions of global capitalism (like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank), and other means of control to further dominance.

Here at home, our lives will continue to become increasingly isolated. Authentic communities are a threat to capitalism and therefore an unfair obstacle to profit. As true community continues to disappear, capitalism will lead the honorable fight to commodify everything around us. In the meantime, keep consuming in an effort to create meaning in our empty lives. It doesn’t hurt to watch a little television when we come home exhausted from work. But don’t forget to vote!

Corporate Power!

And, remember, it’s not just any capitalism but corporate capitalism that these candidates support. Both McCain and Obama voted for the $700 billion bailout. The merger of state and corporate power isn’t socialism, as some suggest—it’s fascism.

And have you ever looked at who funds these candidates’ campaigns? Would it surprise you to learn that the weapons manufacturing industry has given more money to the Democratic than the Republican campaign this election cycle? Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and other war profiteers are just making sure that their missiles will sell regardless of which figurehead sits at the top of this corporate, imperialist machine. Likewise, major investment banks and financial corporations—like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and Morgan Stanley—heavily fund both parties, guarantying their corporate interests are covered whether a Democrat or Republican becomes president.

The Occupation of Palestine!

Both parties and both candidates are committed to maintaining the occupation of Palestine. 60 years is apparently not enough. As Israel continues to expand illegal settlements in the West Bank and uses the construction of the separation wall to annex more and more Palestinian land, both Obama and McCain provide unequivocal support of the occupation and the U.S.’s financial and political role in its continuation.

Militarization of the Border and Criminalization of Immigrants!

While the candidates may vocalize a moderately different approach to immigration, immigrants will continue to be criminalized, families separated, and people imprisoned and deported. ICE will continue its workplace and house raids, terrorizing people based on ethnic background and the spelling of their last name. All the while, either candidate will make sure the border becomes increasingly militarized. Creating a whole population of scapegoats to terrorize, imprison, and dehumanize is one way for a fascist state to cement power.

Thanks for voting and remember—by dutifully playing our role in maintaining the system as it is, we can change the world!

brought to you by volunteers of the CWF (Capitalism and War Forever)


Instead of relying on representatives to make decisions which affect us and our communities, we can organize locally, in the real sense of grassroots democracy (not the co-opted term that the Democratic Party is using as propaganda), to address our own needs and desires. Direct action and mutual aid are two tools that we can use to do this.

Direct action means solving problems ourselves—without asking, begging, or petitioning authority. It’s working without representation, actively achieving our own goals through our own actions. Mutual aid is a way of existing with each other, of relating to each other, which focuses on voluntary aid and cooperation that is mutually beneficial to all involved. This becomes possible when we create communities that are truly communities, in which actions that are good for your neighbor are good for you. This kind of interconnected and interdependent community depends on us transforming the ways in which we relate to ourselves, each other, and the world in which we find ourselves.



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Monday, November 3, 2008


For all you doubters, some of the fun I had while in dirdy Jersey...



Journey Pt. Deux

I want to make something like this - click to enlarge

This might be slightly redundant to my last post, but here's the whole trip (and I wrote all this during the ride so it was fresh in my head).

Back Story;
I decided one day that I'm still too young not to make impulse decisions and have all the fun I can have. That said, the past two years I've skipped attending the FEST up in Gainesville for whatever reason - whether it be schedule w/ work or whatever. This year was almost the same story.

First part of that story was not putting in a request for time off at my job and quickly enough, all hands were on deck for our halloween party. Unfortunately, that's when all my friends were leaving for Gainesville - so I figured I'd leave saturday morning and find my own way there.

Leaving Saturday left me few options, not having a *working* car, myself, my first thought was hitching, but i doubted strongly the likelihood that I could hitch with a bike; and not wanting to be bikeless and more-pedestrian-than-comfortable. I got the "crazy" idea to ride a bike to Gainesville.

October 31st: The Ethos Vegan Kitchen Halloween Party

Busy us. The Halloween party was fun and I saw some awesome jack-o-lanterns and heard just the right amount of misfits covers. Still, I was anxious to get going. We slowed down far earlier than closing time so i was cut loose early. I skorfed some sauteed broccoli and rolled out - homebound to pack.

upon getting home, I learned more details of our house getting foreclosed on. I couldn't dwell on it because I was anxious to pack. In the future this might open up the possibility of a sweet squat situation. I ain't leaving.

Running off a scrawled out list, I packed up quick, talked shit about the bank that now "owns" our house then hit the hay for a nice little 4-hour nap.

November 1st: 4:50 AM // Orlando, FL

Woke up dead and hated being awake. I flirted with the idea of just starting the ride off at 10 or something. I even reset my alarm for 6:50, but excitement took over and soon I was out the door.

My first stretch of the ride wasn't necessarily a strong one. I put Environmental Youth Crunch on and rode out. Against myself, this morning, was the all-too-typical Orlando headwind.

For longer rides - like when visiting my parents in DeLand - I usually average about 20 mph, but i'm sure so far i've kept only half of that. I the the winds let up (or, miraculously, change in my favor), or it'll take me 12 hours to get to G-vegas.

November 1st: 6:05 AM // Apopka, FL

I learned that my backpack was "slightly" (understatement) off-balance to the left. This, due to an "oversized" (understatement) lock that was on the left side. This pulled my back in all the wrong ways.

So far the headwind has persisted, but i'm still too happy to care much. I decided i'd stop for coffee once i'd gotten out of Orlando at least. I'm pretty weak-willed sometimes and I didn't want to get tired and just head home.

I wound up stopping at some fancy BP that call their aisle of beer coolers "arctic avenue." This will likely contribute to a fond memory like the "beer caves" i saw in Tennessee. I picked up a 20 oz'er of some bean and had a seat. In my tired stupor, I left my gloves on my bike saddle. Silly me.

What's in the Bag?
Bike Stuff: 2 extra tubes (700cx18-23c / 60 mm long stem presta valve get the job done), 15mm wrench for my back wheel, a couple allen keys (4, 5, and 6mm), tire levers, combination presta/schraeder hand pump, "oversized" lock.
Clothes Stuff: Hoody, Vest, 2 t-shirts, pants (that i need to fix upon arrival).
Sleeping Stuff: Blanket
Sewing Stuff: Floss, Needles, Canvas, Scissors, Lighter
Edible/Potable Stuff: Granola, Water Bottles
Other Stuff: Computer, Phone, iPod, Various Chargers Thereof

After recovering from some expected crotchal numbness, i'm ready to go... once I finish coffee#2.

Playlist: EYC, Dystopia, Hatred Surge, Ferocious X, Hellbastard
Distance so far: 15.8 mi

November 1st: 7:45 Am // Zellwood, FL

It hasn't even been an hour since my first stop in apopka. I stopped for a photo op at the "Zellwood - Home of the Sweet Corn Fest" sign. My crotch was getting pretty numb again. The sun's coming up now and it's really pretty. It's partly cloudy so the sunrise has a nice orangeyness to it. I passed a grapefruit orchard called "webpage farms," a dead raccoon and about a dozen 711's. Judging by the position of the sunrise, I determine I'm at one of the more westbound stretches of 441.

I'm about to eat a little and head out - plenty of road ahead.

Playlist: CCR, Disclose, Framtid
Distance so far: 22.3 mi

November 1st: 11:17 AM // Leesburg, FL

I stopped a couple times before I got here to Leesburg:

Mt. Dora: Stopped at 711 to use their bathroom and check a map. Met a guy from Tangerine who used to ride his bike to Apopka to holler at ladies. Nice guy, otherwise.

Eustis: I stopped at the bank to get some cash money for the weekend. There was a PJ's coffee next door where I Internetted and coffeed. Checked google maps to make a chart of every upcoming city on my way to Gainesville, their distance between oneanother and their remaining distance to Gainesville. Headwinds are still pretty shitty and i've been having ever-increasing numbness issues with my saddle. Now every 15-20 minutes all my junk is totally numb- doesn't seem like a good thing.

Called my dad who seemed cautiously excited at my trip - i guess my mom was worried silly about it.

I assume this stretch is a lowland stretch of the ride and I hear there are some big hills ahead, legs are mad at me.

Playlist: CCR, Insect Warfare, Antisect, Stormcrow
Distance so far: 34.1 Miles

November 1st: 2:37 PM // Leesburg/Wildwood, FL

After writing the last entry and witnessing a guy totally freaking out at his gf who worked at checkers (i was stopped in front of said checkers) - it was really unsettling as he was senselessly mean - I reassessed my situation. My small saddle rip had grown, probably the reason for my taint getting so numb. I also noticed I'd lost my pincher bolt that clamps my seat post.

Taint hurt and all my leg muscles sore I decided to take to hitching - so how convenient it was that i was standing next to some prime signmaking cardboard. Quickly, I scrawled out "North/Gainesville" and stood for an hour before a guy stopped to give me tips.

"You remind me of that 'into the wild' guy" he said. I wasn't outwardly offended because I think he meant it as a compliment. he told me that chances were slim i'd get a ride for any useful distance on 441 because it was mostly local traffic. I agreed.

He told me i oughtta go 10 minutes west to wildwood to hitch out on I-75. The was some good sense to me and after a woman gave me a hamburger - I accepted to be polite even though I'm militantly vegan (give it to someone? throw it away later?) who knows (yuck, meat in my bag) - I set off toward the wildest woods of wildwood.

The ride to wildwood was barren and beautiful: rolling pastures oak hammocks and the like. Central/Northern FL gold if you ask me. I sit now outside a CVS after refilling my waterbottle. About to trek the rest of the way through wildwood to I-75.

Playlist: Man is the Bastard, Crossed Out, Confilt, Crocodile Skink, Frigora, Mob 47
Distance so far: 58 mi

November 1st, 5:30 PM // Wildwood, FL

The highway is a scorned mistress. I (finally) got to I-75 and felt like the mere sight of it had saved my trip. I tried out the 4-surrounding "travel" gas stations that immediately surrounded the interchange.

For the first hour I was optimistic. That soured when being tired and dusty set in which made me a grand total of tired, dusty and hopeless-feeling.

The sun has just set behind the trees and it'll be dark before long. I'm going to waffle house to grab some coffee and work on a new plan...

click to enlarge

In the highway overpass set up shown in the above illustration, travel stations B and C are the busiest, as people get off the highway and pull right in (bathroom needs might explain this trend). This fact contrasts my hypothesis that A and D would be busiest because they're a straight shot back onto the highway.

Similarly, having observed B and C directly, my hypothesis that most people in B are going southbound and C-> Northbound turned out to be true, and wanting to go northbound, myself, I hung out in C and the onramp the most.

Waffley Haus

The server guy here is cool and was totally interested in why I arrived on a bike. I filled him in and he thought it was pretty cool. That + coffee = better spirits.

Plan #1 Fix saddle? Cut anatomic cutaway?
Plan #2 Meet Jono when he comes through here?
Plan #3 Fix saddle and say fuck it - hoof up 301 to 441 in Belleview, FL

Verdict: Plan #3 Of course!

Playlist: Contrast Attitude, CCR, No Comment, Capitalist Casualties
Distance so far: 62.4 mi (w/o backtrack)

November 1st, 8:21PM // Belleview, FL

Got into Belleview ust a second ago and boy was that ride scary! 301 is the darkest road in the world. There are no lights in sumter county or in oxford or dallas FL. At all. I couldn't see the road or the horizon or anything. I'd pick up speed mildly (remember, theres a headwind everywhere) and understand that meant i was going downhill. There was one hill I rode up that i could only tell was there because I was passed by a car, I was listening to No Comment getting pumped as fuck charging the stupid hill and both of my calves along with my side cramped so hard. It sucked like lightning and I thought i was going to die. Eventually I got into Belleview, which is a town that has lights, and stopped in at a supermarket (sweetbay maybe?) and made a salad and chugged a bolthouse chai drink. It was great. First non-junk food all day.

Kaysie called me worried and said she wanted to pick me up and I finally agreed to meet her in Ocala. It was nearing 9 PM and I'd been on the road since 5 AM - not riding sounded pretty good. I packed up again and left for Ocala.

Playlist: No Comment (iPod died)
Distance so far: 80.9 mi (w/o backtrack)

November 1st, 9:36 PM // Ocala, FL
Got to ocala - I hate ocala, got picked up immediately. Felt good about it. About to be in G-vegas raging hard. Good trip.

Total Distance: 99.8 Miles


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Next year lets ride freak bikes 15-20 miles at a time and camp the way up. It'll be fun!