Saturday, November 22, 2008



Nick and Kim put together Orlando's first Cranksgiving Charity alleycat that was today (Yabai deland, that's where I was today) - This was, essentially, a very messenger-style race. Racers had to pick up specific groceries from specific stores and drop them off at specific checkpoints. We got a bunch of canned goods from all over Orlando, and dropped them off to specific places all over orlando. We also had to save reciepts. This combined with locking up, navigating, being efficient, keeping reciepts, a manifest and money straight, trying to remember what to get where and where to drop them off, and RIDING FAST. made this race pretty mentally challenging.


Job #1 - Pick up envelope @ Ace.Metric--Sligh Blvd and Underwood St.
Job #2 - Pick up 2 cans of corn, 1 can soup -- Publix on Edgewater Dr. and W. Harvard St. -- Deliver To: Loch Haven Park, Main Entrance on Princeton St.
Job #3 - Pick up 1 can of chickpeas, 1 can black beans -- Albertson's on Orange Ave. and Michigan St. -- Deliver To: RED parking garage on W. Central Blvd. and Orange Ave. - 3rd floor
Job #4 - Pick up 1 can of green beans, 1 can of peas -- Publix on Colonial and Shine Dr. -- Deliver to: Colonial Lanes Bowling Alley, Primrose Dr. and Livingston St.


1. Go in any order, but drop off has to be with the corresponding store checkpoint.

2. SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS at each pick-up point.

3. Lock your bike at each checkpoint. Bike thefts are on the rise in Orlando!

4. At the parking garage -- lock your bike, GO TO THE 3RD FLOOR via the steps or elevator

5. This is a charity event. You DON'T have to spend more than what is listed, but it would be nice

The racer who spends THE MOST money will be rewarded! Again, save your receipts in the envelope given to you.

Fastest, Dead Last, Most Money Spent

Kickball after the race! 20% discount at Ethos Vegan Kitchen with spoke card! Have fun! Thanks for coming out
(end translation)

To start I didn't feel too good after some funky fermented mate the other night and have had a stomach ache for a couple days. It was a little better today, but it was also windy and my legs felt a lot like Jell-O gelatin snacks (not vegan). Given how complicated the race happened to be and these bodily conditions, I thought I might take it a little easy (for a second). After getting warmed up, I had a sort of second wind and got everything done pretty fast (I guess I made top ten of fifty and change). In all I think this race was REALLY well put together - there was so much food donated to the coalition for about 10 bucks a person and everyone had a shitton of fun.

Pete and Taylor from tampa took first guys
Katie and Keri from Orlando took first gals
Some kid (name unknown) got DFL and Faceplant
Josh got most money prize (best prizes in my opinion - a burro backpack and red-ano nitto bullhorns)



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nathan said...

ryan- you should have been in deland yesterday, we had our first food not bombs ! some people came but none of them were homeless ( unless they cleaned up quite well) but it was a good time and there was some bitchin falafel and mashed potatoes.

until next time,