Sunday, November 30, 2008


thanks everyone who helped, raced, had fun, acted stupid and everything else you all did
(sorry if i misspell yr name - it's from your own handwriting)

1st Guy(s): Bradford White and Cooper Brinson (tied)
3rd Guy: Dale Hines
1st Gal: Kelly McCarver
2nd Gal: Mandy P.
3rd Gal: NA
DFL: Steven M.
Costume: Hood (wore a mask)
Our Pick: Mandy and Garrett for being the first people in Orlando to race on tallbikes

We also had a "favorite condiment" column on the registration sheet and here's the results:

Relish: 2
Ketchup: 4
BBQ Sauce: 4
Curry: 1
Hot Sauce: 1
Lemon Butter?: 1
Jon Beard: 2
Worcestershire: 1
Banana Peppers: 1
Balls: 1

mike wouldn't let mandy leave until he climbed through her tallbike // for photos click the picture

thanks and watch out for a race this spring all downtown with 15-20 checkpoints - wacky!

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Dylan Eitharong said...

You got your new bike Ryan! Sweet!