Saturday, November 15, 2008

時制は // の実にいやな変人合わない


Freaky Friday last night for the most part was really cool. It was a small crew consisting of Derek, Jeremy and myself. We had a quick Yabai Pow Wow to discuss a couple things about Freaky Friday. Firstly we hold the opinion that all found items are to be given to whomever needs them (an extension of the anarchistic/gift economy ideal of 'from each according to ability, from each according to need.'" We don't really need extensive processes to decide who "needs" what, but I figure we could just talk it over, and try to stay cool. Also, because in the future we may have some among us who might not be punx, we decided that no event put on in the name of Yabai will ever put any member of Yabai in a position of financial gain from it. I.E. all extra money will go to some cause, fundraiser, etc.

We set off and talked about RVA's Rider's of the Apocalypse U-Locks of Love fundraiser and how we'd like to do something along those lines either with locks or lightsets. We'll be ordering them through Ace.Metric hopefully.

Through the couple of dumpsters we hit we got a few tires, a 36t chainring (with a small bolt pattern, to be determined), some grip tape (that was white), some chains, and a near-complete roadmaster mountainbike.

High (low?) light of the night was when we got honked at on mills, driver yelled "hey cool bikes" then turned on his car light inside and was nude, masturbating. Putting the Freaky in Freaky Friday, I suppose.


P.S. Freaky Saturday tonight - meets behind Colonial Photo and Hobby 1130/Midnight. We'll need to find a day thats good for everyone, that's also a good night for the trashiness. Cargo bikes will be needed soon too.

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