Saturday, November 1, 2008


First on-the-road update!

I'm in Eustis, FL at this very moment. Details spared, there's more hills and headwind than i anticipated, plus a good amount of crotchal numbness around 40 minutes makes stops pretty frequent. I've been keeping a journal to put into zine format so more people might want to take long bike journeys.

At my present location, i've trucked about 35 miles, fucking 80 more to go!

Stop #1 :: Apopka, FL

Stop #2 :: Zellwood, FL, Lovers of sweet corn - there are sweet corn stands set up along the road

Sunrise over "webpage farms" grapefruit grove


Eudocimus albus said...

good luck on your journey sir

Anonymous said...

hey kerouac, that last picture is epic

Anonymous said...

i was hoping for your sake that you got a little more upright for your adventure. i hope you're thoroughly enjoying yourself!

nathan said...

looks soul-enriching!