Thursday, November 6, 2008



art by christy road

For all Yabai people interested: what days of the week are you available to meet about setting up a work day for getting freaky on some bikes. I propose my car port, a subsection of the Ritz-Carlton // Food not Bomb's // Porche // Bananarchy Zoo Multiplex. I have some tools, a 4.5" di-grinder and a mig welder. I think doing a tuesday workshop maybe would be good. Allthough the past two wednesdays I've been working on Freak Fuck, I don't think wednesday would necessarily be a "good" day to have shop as it would conflict with FnB. Thursdays would also be out for the free grocery day.


While on the topic of Freak Fuck, A tall-tight-front-wheel-drive monstrosity i've been working on, I did a lot of work on it yesterday with the help of Bryan and Derek and Matt P and others. I took apart the front seering setup, which had been stupid loose from the threads of the steerer tube being hopelessly mangled, resulting in a gnarly cross-thread incident. I cut that shitty tube off and replaced it with a nice one, with most of a headset too!. Next I addressed "how" tight this bike was, based on it's wheelbase. I installed a 27" wheel for the front wheel and realized i'd only have room enough for an 8" in the back (which was fine), but the length of the rear fork would have pitched the bike backwards to the point of unrideability. I sectioned the tube to the rear fork and added 5 or 6 inches, added some new braces in the form of the fork legs formerly of the top part of Bike Flag, and got the weird idea to weld the swingarm from FF's top frame on to the rear fork - correctly, facing backwards. It'll support a 20" wheel in the back. moreover - this bike is way taller than i had originally planned, so that's exciting. Debuting at a CM near you!


At the upcoming meeting I'd also like to talk about setting up a "trash ride." Midnight raids on bike shop (and other) dumpsters. This will gain us a fun group dynamic, tons of free bikes and parts and lots of fun. This is the beginning of something awesome.



Eudocimus albus said...

a bike workshop day would be sweet. i would only be able to do it on fri or sat (since wed and thu are out) because i have to work 3 to close mon and tues. but i usually dont work until 5 or 6 on the backend of the week.

Anonymous said...

so far this month most nights after 5 are fine with me, minus wednesdays (fnb) and sundays.

i believe a dumpy ride can easily coexist with a meetin'. so let's figure this out.


jeremy adams said...

any day of the week works for me....i'm all about doing the workshop and the dumpster run.....Also whilst on the topic of bicycle stuff, whatever happend with the bike co op at black box? I was thinking about building a work table and then finding select tools to help start the co-op.....i wanted to run this by some one but not sure who i should talk to wether it be ryan or irish or benny? also to throw my 2cents in on a dumpster route maybe hit kyles? glory? retro shitty then orange? then meet up on that rooftop behind ethos/ lake highland area? just a thought......any way love yall

Anonymous said...

norm, who led a workshop at the Yabai weekend, donated a bunch of cone wrenches and other sweet stuff to us.

also, kelly if i'm not mistaken gave us a bunch of sweet stuff like a bench top bike stand, chain whip, and other stuff.

possible meeting note on this.