Tuesday, December 9, 2008


so yesterday we got a couple choppers put together; here is a picture of mine

it was a really productive day, we got a tadem builtwith/for garret and mandy, and another chopper for ryan.  steve was there too with lots of help and ideas!!  there were also beverages and a 6 mile break in ride for the choppers me and ryan went on.  the day was so fun and exciting, that as soon as i got home i fell asleep on the couch!

as a special bonus, here is ryan blasting his dick with sparks!! just like at an MSI show!!

ryansparks by you.
we will be doing this every monday i think.  machismo mondays!!


jon beard said...

also ryan i need to change the layout of the page to fit photos without it cutting the image. also we need to make a video!!

Julius said...

Are you guys going to bring these out for Bike Weekend? I want to see them!!

ryanfromdeland said...

john, use a width tag inside your img code:

i.e. (replace the { with a real html bracket)

{img src="url" width="400"}

if you want to link to the original size:

{a href="url"}{img src="url" width="400"}{/a}

the url in this tag is the same in both places

and yes we'll have em out at bike weekend