Saturday, December 27, 2008


last nights freaky friday, wasnt just about riding around on weird bikes, and looking for free stuff in the trash; it was about introspection, and self discovery.  while some of us went out riding, from deland, bravely, stayed at hoops to look through the dumpster of his soul.  in it he found many things, most of them priceless.

this is from deland, bracing himself for the arduous journey ahead

fully geared up to go spelunking in the caverns of his id

joyfully returning with the fruits of his search

fromdeland: activist, singer, hero.

also, low chopper is torture.  or so i hear.

and here is shipwreck on his tallbike


Rapevan said...

goal for manzilla Monday = build some sort of freak bike that can actually be ridden.

P.s. The ride home was not fun.

jon beard said...


ryanfromdeland said...

wow jon, you've really outdid yourself

ryanfromdeland said...

oh and not to mention everyone left early for freaky friday when i had a song coming up. also not to mention all the freaky fridays you've missed to look within feeling good for work in the morning. i''m just busting your bawls

jon beard said...

ryan just to clarify i was also was busting your bawlz. you have done way more freaky friday shit than anyone else. i was looking at the pictures and the one looked like a headlamp and i just wanted to fit spelunking into it. also we all totally half assed it when we went anyway. we all just wanted to get back to get some beers.

<3 u fromdeland

ryanfromdeland said...

jonbeard you are an extension of 2k8
/////////// miss u 1991

kaysiebergens said...

uhhh he can do whatever he wants with a face like that