Saturday, December 6, 2008



This weeks ride was segmented in two. Jonbeard and I hit up the north stretch early as he'd have to work at 9 am the next morning (until 1130 or so pm for that matter) - so we did that up, found some tapes, some bar tape, a partial mannequin bust (totally jacked dude), and a couple security camera mounts. After that I ate some banana chips at his domicile and watched part of whale wars for the first time - good shit! can't say even how much i'd love to fuck up some whaleboat.

Part deux took place with jeremy, derek and I, leaving from the usual meetup. meeting didn't happen cos we were only 3 people. maybe we can organize a little more next time for a meeting. on the south stretch we got some tires and a cliffbar display (about 4ft tall!)that i strapped to my bag and carried on the tallbike. after that we acted silly. say hi turd.


Open Invite:

on monday jonbeard and I are working on choppers, another run of yabai colors and possibly some long-awaited jewel/ccr back patchedness. should be fun - I'd imagine starting up around 1230 or 1, so if anyone wants to hang out in the car port, learn to screen print, weld things together, act silly, listen to music, beverage, and/or w/e get on over! 2139 carlton dr


Initiation ideas (any/all?):

attend x# freaky fridays
make a ______bike?
solve a wordsearch?
(big deal) accept our (future) mission/ideology
help organize an event?




kaysiebergens said...

everyone better still come to the show on monday you buncha twigs and berries!!!!!

jon beard said...

hey ryan is there anyway to arrange a ride so i dont have to ride fixbeard down there? call me up to let me know or comment back or something. if it suck then ill just ride

ryanfromdeland said...

i'm down to get ye

jon beard said...

krull, just call me tomorrow or just show up

is gots good coffee