Wednesday, December 17, 2008



el catfish, gus // photo here for no reason at all

I was bored a fucked around with the top title thingy and it's nearly unreadable - deliberate yabai style there, boyee. Also I put together a little "about" section to the right of this post, if you're yabai, let me know what you think, twinkly fingers or not.

Freaky Friday is this friday, and every friday, meeting behind colonial photo and hobby, near the intersection of mills and colonial. If anyone else is down, I'd like to meet up at 11/1115 if possible so we can hammer out a quick meeting and maybe get a head start on the tour de trash.

Possible agenda items:

who's officially in? people who are "in" w/o colors? people who yabai'd their bag when i made that stencil - officially in? possibility of "honorary members" in other cities (i.e. small yabai patches i gave to jeremy and pablo from richmond and robbie from nowhere tens of years ago)?

initiation process
current ideas about it? x#'s freaky fridays, weld, dumpster a bike and make it rideable, yabai tags, tire burn, i'4, help organize an event? which do we like and why? which will be it?

current invited peoples (double check it out)
processes to invite people, pre-existing personal qualities we look for/ people we like

colors for peeps w/o them (derek? g-van?)
i'm making up some more colors tomorrow and will have them on friday, we'll talk about who they're for.


RIP Chopadile Dundee, the monotube chopper that I accidentally threw away :( // take the reigns, famous fix bearded chopper and mike schmidts royalty weed smuggler chopper.

Now it's time to make a hellish correct chopper with a saddlebags, low huge saddle with back rest, sissy bar, loud pipes, a flag, wacky long fork, decorations, tiny front wheel, etc.

loud pipes?



m00j said...


lol, wait yabai has been around since 2007? wow, i had no idea.

jon beard said...

i will be going for sure this fri. i finally dont work in the morning on sat!! although i do work a double today.

Julius said...

LOL... i was going to comment on what mooj mentioned.

Put THAT on a patch. Actually, I want to start a bike gang called that. BC HIPSTER TROLL BRIGADE BC

Julius said...

ps - i like the new header image

tbm said...

ok ryan, point made! bar crawling hipster troll brigade and a picture of me chilling with a 6'er of buttwipers in the same post. Coincidence?

my feelings are officially hurt fuker. I'm crying in the corner as I type this... :)

tbm said...

btw, this is a joke, don't nobody freak out. :)

joke and joke and jokes and jokes...

ryanfromdeland said...

whoa there gus - i just googled orlando bike on images and a few pages back there you were - i thought it was funny. i drink buttwipers too - just cos someone drinks beers doesn't make them a bar commuting hipster troll brigade-er.

tbm said...

I know Ryan, I was just playing around. the interweb sucks like that because the delivery of the statement doesn't get transmitted along with the text.. :)

I'm in a great mood, my 2 week vacation starts in a couple of days...

Rapevan said...

I am all about freaky Friday this week. Ryan, I'll ride the cargo bike if you don't wanna.

ryanfromdeland said...

down for that, r-van, gus: my comment went up after yr explanatory one, but was probably written about the same time - no sub-super feeilngs involved!

jon beard said...

can anyone get beard chopper from carlton to ethos? wont fit in my car and i work all night. ill give some gas money. call me on my # or at ethos