Thursday, September 4, 2008



After a false start at the mountain, we relocated to another rooftop in the loch haven/antique row area. There, we discussed colors, formation, initiation, regular rides, etc. Overall it was a little more like hanging out than a meeting (especially not like the early black box meetings that lasted 6-8 hours at a time with nearly nothing accomplished).

There, we also agreed to use the consensus decision-making process for larger (more than 5 or 6, i guess) meetings. For this meeting we just kind of talked and hung out. And threw rocks.


The amphibious event was discussed for a second, but not in detail.


We need a "central image" for the colors - we agreed on the text: "YABAI, (A), (E), ORLANDO, FL" - arranged in a circle - we talked about animals like sharks and alligators and raccoons and various freakish assemblage portmanteus thereof.


WE need to make and wear colors by the 10th - when steve leaves for PA.



found this beaut on google images on an unrelated search - 1979 Puch Murray - probably original or near original - fly shit!

AND, Speaking of bmx bikes - Volume Bikes - a rider-owned BMX company has just released their 2nd track bike - the Creedence:

At first, I wasn't too impressed past the Volume namebadge - and the CCR reference - but according to it's stats - it can spin a 700 Cyclocross tire! - wild - plus according to the technical drawing they provided (see below) it's got some nice gussets on the top and down tubes near the head tube (no more prolly-style breaks) - and of course it's made from full 4130 chromoly.

(click to enlarge)

Now, for Volume, this is their second track bike (after the cutter), and they're not the first BMX company to make the leap, either - FBM (not freak bike militia - fat bald men) bikes have their Sword model - that apparently also spins a 700.

With two companies and three bikes in this - i'll call it a wave - it'll be interesting where the fixed freestyle thing goes - after seeing Bootleg Sessions, v.2, it's easy to see that fixed freestyle is going the more bmx route - with one rider directly aping bmx tricks like 360 tire taps, wallrides to flatties, etc.

Go nuts,


Eudocimus albus said...

as he gazes down at his front wheel he thinks to himself "man i bet i could get so many hot chix if only i could bust out a sick barspin right now!"

Eudocimus albus said...

also how the fuck do you post pictures in comments

Julius said...

Hood just came back from Nebraska with one of those cutters.

ryanfromdeland said...

according to the subtext here, one can only use bold, italic or anchor (hyperlink) tags