Wednesday, September 24, 2008



YEP! So far this wacky plan of mine is shaping up! I've already received a reply regarding my email to Bonad Media Group, parent company of Orlando Style magazine.

Now, though, after a little research - I've found that the locations of many of these bourgeois shopperies don't, even in a basic sense, transcribe a sensible route for an alleycat race. Firstoff, 4 of these stores' locations are inside malls - and although we had an "inside the mall" checkpoint in the Svcavenger Rat, three of these are at Millennia, and one at Florida Mall, which isn't an impossible commute, but it gives undue advantage to the more athletic cyclists among us as there'd be 12-mile stretched without stops or cunning or what have ye. Additionally, Ultimate Motor Works' closest location is in Longwood. Some of these locations, however are in the Downtown and Park Ave shopping districts, but I'm not saying which or even if we're going to use them.



DEREK has completed his tallbike - made out of some well matched vintage schwinn road bikes. Charlie (who welded Garrett and Mandy's bikes) was the maestro here. Derek also had a custom decorative iron "step" welded on to his left chainstay for ease of mounting, and pure gentleman's style.

JEREMY (jthejetplane) also made up a tall bike recently, self-welded with no prior experience. The welds look like mutant bulbous tumors, and i tend to think that's a good thing.

YABAI meeting soon? When are people available?

Also Yabai DeLand have informed me of their critical mass happening October 10th.


jeremy adams said...

WOOHOOO TALL BIKES! seriously we need to have jousting at the next race....and yes ryan my welding job on my bike looks like it has various forms of tumors throught the frames....poor bikes.

Eudocimus albus said...

im tired of all these alleycats. lets put on a brutal cyclocross race. make people get their bikes dirty.