Sunday, September 28, 2008


alright people on your party bus who came and turned hoops into bbq; fuck you and your bougie fuckin play now button fetish. i hope your party bus flipped and wrapped around a lightpole and your coke burst into flames and everyone o'd on the fumes, all the while your shitty suburban rap was blaring. wouldnt that be ironic. i fucking hate you people. you are a cancer. go buy some shit.


Anonymous said...

i don't know who this poster is...but honestly, you write so much shit about "hipsters". i don't get it, and i don't really care. i just don't understand the animosity towards a group of people in a trend that doesn't really matter. what makes hipster kids so different than any other trend? honestly, i don't know why you care at all, or even care enough to write about it. you should just let people be who they are without the analysis of their true intentions...or true "hipsterdom".

Eudocimus albus said...

ive really only posted 2 things, one was actually an article from adbusters, and this last one was just a rant because i was pissed about them being obnoxious at a bar i go to specifically to stay away from "hipsters". and the word hipster is just a throwaway word that to me means consumerist, fashion driven people, with a highschool penchant for drama.