Tuesday, September 2, 2008




So i checked the stats on the website (CLICK), and it seems we've undergone a significant spike in visitors (statistically 100% more than we had seen on the busiest day). At 6 visitors September 1st, as compared to our occasional previous high of 3 visitors (and our mode value of 0), this looks pretty good! So what can be attributed to this recent interest?


This is officially the first month submerged fully in "college time." We can easily see the trends that college kids display to establish early their unique personalities. Some are street racers, some play sports, some are hippies who hang out crosslegged in the grassy parts of their schools, next to the concrete walkways, some are bicyclists. Under this theory, some kids decided that it'd be cool to get involved in the bike community here and to do so visited the YABAI website.

Based on this assumption and the irrelevant graph below, one can clearly see a correlation between breezy summer attitude (as represented in red - Product Y) and civic faux-involvement (represented in calm periwinkle - Product X). Not mentioned is the general public interest in YABAI (represented in orange - Product Z). As you can clearly see, there's a slight upward turn as the general public's civic faux-involvement rises, but it's still of diminuitive relevance, in my opinion, of our own visitor spike.


Beijing: Swede, Ander Vralddnequist jousts Australian Adam Ulrich in the Pixie Joust Event, a new event involving jousting from moving bicycles with lances homemade from pvc and something softish - usually a boxing glove or plush animal.

This new interest in "fringe" bicycle culture - that is - bicycle culture that involves freak bikes and uncommon, inconvenient or dangerous events, like jousting, bike toss, demolition derbys, riding bikes way too tall, short or long, etc. has risen since the legendary Vralddnequist/Ulrich jousting battle of 2008 - and perhaps word had spread to people here about our own inconvenient and dangerous lifestyles.

Unfortunately, though, according to this pie chart, most people get their kicks from Myspace than from YABAI (In fact, the influence of YABAI is so small, it's not even on this chart).


YABAI DELAND had, on friday, gone flyer bombing urging people to ditch their writhing shit fucker cars and ride a bike - when thinking of ditching one's car it's usually for something that people might recognize you by, i.e. after you back it into the front of a convenience store and make off with 38 cartons of smokes, but you noticed they had a security camera pointed right at your license plate. I'd ditch it too! And all this activity is surely dangerous! One might have done exactly that, then researched what it meant to live dangerously on a bicycle and found us - 6 times!

BUT unfortunately, it seems that this theory will, like the others, fall victim to simple graphic organizers that contradict their factuality. In this theory's case, it's cleary not part of a dog's nature to be found in LEARN NC offices - as it is for lizards and humans (you can understand this by the "Found in LEARN NC offices" note is found in the area where the circles for humans and lizards overlap - thus being characteristic of both parties - not of dogs, though, as this note is outside of where the circle labeled dogs is drawn.) A simple answer i suppose, but I'm kind of let down that it wasn't my hometown. Next time, maybe.


According to my sources, an e-poster by the name of "ryanfromdeland" posted an account of his attempts to quit myspace along with an offer to make a website and a shameless plug of the YABAI website and this blog on ibikeotown. Does simply dropping urls get results? According to this data, it most certainly does:

In this graph, the frequency of the URL drops (represented in orange), is directly mirrored by website visits (represented in gentle light blue). Thus, our winner is option 4.



We're trying to have that meeting tonight on top of the mountain - midnightish



Julius said...

Does your stat track show referrals? So you can see if the people are really linking from ibot?

ryanfromdeland said...

yeah - i was just having fun with it once i realized that we had a record day on the yabai site - i actually haven't checked if people did from ibot - but last i did it was all "direct/bookmark" which could be described as people copying/pasting the url from ibot because they weren't links - it wouldn't really reveal much...

Anonymous said...

bahaha at all the charts/pictures/sass, you're a born poet.

the spike is probs due to the fact that this blog is my internet homepage, so every time i open the internet i come here to check on new stuff. i'm thinking about this event for next friday i'm calling a "parking lot crawl" where the gang zooms through parking lots and does a variety of things, perhaps urinating on hummers, peeling off bigoted bumper stickers, and pausing to for a game of skate or something. any other idears?


ryanfromdeland said...

it's actually for the website - not the blog - so that's probably irrelevant that you're checking it so much - and awesome that you are!

if you want yr event to be a display for the public - to advance the cause or whatever i'd do more entertaining things / maybe acrobatic things - if you're gonna raise hell, collect up the support the troops ribbons and YES on 2 bumper stickers, etc.

also the more war/fossil fuel iconoclasm you can think up will be fun.


Anonymous said...

oh well i'm glad it's not just me, interest is growing!

so mini bikes aren't too hard to come by, i've found. i smell some bike jousting! that wouldn't be part of a public awareness thing though because it's just for the reckless and silly, not seriously committed. then again, it might work. i'll update you as plans unravel. also, is it cumbersome for me to carry on like this is your blog comment space? i could just write letters...hmm.