Sunday, August 31, 2008


Not to seem like I am ripping off BSNYC's style or anything, but this was too outrageous to not comment.

This bicycle is a piece of crap, but it's a chick magnet. - $20 (Orlando) Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-08-31, 9:54AM EDT

This is a very crappy bicycle. It's a Huffy Chesapeke beach cruiser type thing. I also have fenders for it if you'd like to dork it up a bit more. It's very fun to ride, and what it lacks in quality it more than makes up for in character. Every single woman I have talked to since I started riding this bike has had sex with me. True story. If you like shitty bikes or if you like it when girls remove their clothing upon seeing your bike, this is the bike for you.

I will throw in a different saddle, the one pictured is pretty sorry. I broke 4 spokes after getting plastered at critical mass, so that will need to be corrected as well. The tires are old and weather cracked, but seem to be working out ok for now. Finally, the chain is a little too long and unless you like having the chain fall off periodically, you'll need to remove a link.

Well here we have it! The chance of a lifetime! A bike that will not only provide hours of repairs, but also get you laid!

Come on, seriously. I sincerely hope that this is a joke, but realizing the bro-ness in his tone of typing I'm seeing that it probably isn't. Only another reason to love the Chity Beautiful and it's weekend warriors. Hopefully the film crew at last Critical Mass got an earful from this guy, it would make a great comedy piece.

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ryanfromdeland said...

according to the parallel post on IBOT - this is one of the dudes from salt lake (the other had the blue tallbike) - sold nicole her guerciotti.

i bet he's kidding