Friday, August 1, 2008


If you haven't yet heard, another social demonstration has been sensationalized in seattle.

urban velo's article
the stranger's coverage
seattle time's coverage

So in short - a regular occurance of a pissed off driver threatening - and in this case - actually hitting cyclists in the critical mass ride. In the aftermath of this, the next regular occurance - the aggressors being labeled the victims and the real longtime victims, cyclists everywhere, taking the heat for it. Dave Moulton's Bike Blog calls for Critical Mass's end. Apparently we're an embarrassment to this old framebuilder (who's made frames for such legitimate cycling events as the tour de france, the olympics and the world championship - not bicycle commuting or anything at all to do with cycling in the presence of cars) and his reputable sport.

Apparently, as some seattle news identities point out, many cyclists are against critical mass, as they see it as an impediment to smoothing relations between cyclists and drivers; I say they can have the sidewalks and the bike lanes then, they can get run off the road and throw up a peace sign or just laugh it off. Dave Moulton asserted that if critical mass continued, that someone would get killed and i think that someone he's talking about is probably a driver. Under that logic, I call for the critical mass of cars to end - too many bicyclists have been killed at the bumpers and undercarriages of automobiles in the name of their respective drivers convenience and comfort. THAT'S selfishness - hogging a lane for an hour or two isn't.

For all it's worth, more people drive here in the US than commute by bicycle, and these are the people who would otherwise feel guilty at the small bit of themselves present in the violent driver, enraged at cm, and when it comes to another passion of mine (food not bombs) the same is true. The mainstream media and by extension the average person will believe and espouse that "doing the right thing," (whether in these cases its critical mass or feeding the homeless), does more harm than good. Thus removing themselves from any guilt resulting at their apathy and non-participation. No wonder The Stranger ran that weeping "oh poor me i was just trying to get to dinner and all these CRAZY fringe-types surrounded me and assaulted me for no reason! I mean, i didn't even know i HIT TWO OF THEM and attempted to FLEE THE SCENE."

What's worse is that our new improved dumbed down sentinel ran a piece on it too, with their notoriously tough "chain gang" bicycle reporters:

So to the Sentinel, we're kind of the same thing as this event in seattle - maybe we'll fuck up your car? Who knows? Does the chain gang? Judging by their helmets and bicycle i'd say so, but who's side are they on? They obviously work for the Sentinel a newspaper notorious for leaning towards their base, protecting their profits (or negative profits) by criticizing bicycles for the plight handed to them by drivers and the car-monopoly of the roadway system.

Don't be so critical of our mass!
VIva la Velorution!

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Julius said...

the more i read this blog, the more i start to agree with you.