Thursday, August 7, 2008


Vans Fixed-Gear Specific Shoes


At first blush, fixed-gear specific Vans sound a like someone’s trying to wring a little more money out of the cool kids with the Italian frames and messenger bags. The truth is that if you’re not going to go clipless, there aren’t a lot of options for shoes that can handle the abuse of those metal toeclips. Chrome gave it a try with some slip-ons to mixed reviews, and Keds might be cheap, but the jocks will beat you up for wearing them to gym. Vans 45LX Fixed have a galvanized rubber toe cap that’s wrapped in double stitching that’s made to handle all those cool skids you’re going to be throwing down in the packed bike lanes.

Dudez!! dis is soooooooooo hella sweeet. is been sez all along dat my vans always be rippinz wen im shreddin downtown. especially in front of dem mad fly chix outside of bbq. now i can bein layin down sick long skidz on my gatorskinz without worryin that my kicks R gonna disintigrate!!$

this is hella dope stupid wicked aero fresh

who needz a stiffer sole and some sort of lace cover or velcro anywayz

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