Wednesday, August 27, 2008


YABAI COMMUNIQUE #?! (interrobang)
get dis shit rollin'

So i think we ought to really get that meeting together - I'm available pretty much everyday - i usually work around 6- until 11 or so except wednesdays - jon beard said he'd be down any day that wasn't a tuesday or sunday (correct me if i fucked that one up, eudocimus (sp?))

Some possible topics for discussion
- Meeting/group dynamic - consensus? i think we ought to go the non-heirarchical route at the very least / consensus or not we should decide how we as a group make decisions
-Colors (backpatches for gang unity) - suggested by .steve
- "mission" / group description - definining ourselves and what we do - are we to adopt a strictly anarchist group view? (i vote yes)
- black friday?
- civic activism (see flava post e.g. u-locks of love)

any other suggestions? any times people CANNOT meet?
Meeting location suggestions? someones house? black box? glory roof?


Anonymous said...

hey ryan, this is nathan walters. i am doing a similar meeting on friezday with the very young yabai-deland that is getting underway. we have about 6 geniune members and a few others who may be interested. we're gonna to discuss our purpose/goal/ideology and organize our first ride. and we're trying to start a fund for our friend thomas to get a road bike. so far i've contacted lake worth bicycle collective and they're going to give me a frame, and my friend ramon might have some parts laying around, so we're gonna get tinkering! but i was thinking of doing a show with our friends dawson and joe and having half the money go toward building the bike.


Eudocimus albus said...

thu. sun. are bad for me. it would be cool to do either glory roof or top of the mountain.

Eudocimus albus said...

yabai is used exclusively in the disordered extent with single characteristic. We mean the fact that the car for the badness which those expand is hated. Unselfishness freedom from avarice and affirmative behavior for community. Speed is necessity and height. Never, stop the delivery service of our justice to revelation.

just an idea for a motto

Anonymous said...

glory roof, i'm down, or up??