Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FLAVA (フロリダヴァージニア)


Just got back in from RVA and NASHVEGAS and both were a total blast. all of this is another story though - in RVA i hung out with a guy from RIDERS OF THE APOCALYPSE, who aside from wacky bike shenanigans also engage in radical community action such as their U-Locks of Love action where they raised enough money to buy up a shit ton of u-locks and took them to a community center in a poorer neighborhood of Richmond.

This conversation inspired me to try to push yabai towards this - actualizing our anarchist/radical activist ethos through the bike gang as well - to put together things that benefit more than just "bike kids" i want to throw a bike party for "kids" somewhere - lets do this shit - hagamos estos!

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