Tuesday, July 29, 2008



True story:
Jon Beard and I were approached by the pigs while gathering materials for the maze czechpoint out of a dumpster that happened to have chuck mangione and simon and garfunkel records in it.

We looked really sketchy, of course, if you've seen the truck we borrowed you'd understand why - an 80's F-150 with spray paint camo on it (rust, primer and black colors), a gun rack and "i support same sex marriage" stickers. On top of that the back was full of pallets and cardboard, and we're not super trustworthy looking and behind businesses at 2 AM. Cop 1 asked Jon Beard what we were doing and Jon said "gathering materials for a huge maze BUT WOULD YOU BELIEVE SOMEONE WAS THROWING OUT THIS SIMON AND GARFUNKEL RECORD?! (interrobang)."


Cop 2 came up to the opening of the dumpster to bring me into view (i was inside the dumpster) and asked both of us for ID. Both of our licenses are suspended, too, and we had obviously drove the truck in there. The ran the ID and we shot the shit about simon and garfunkel - and let me add, i have no nice feeings towards cops so this was kind of a stretch for me, but we needed to considering the circumstances. They must have come back suspended and they asked whose truck it was - i told them the truth that it was a friends that we were borrowing and they said that was cool and let us continue on. WEIRD.

On the one hand it was awesome to not get arrested for the law applicable - after all, until a dump truck picks up trash, it's still property of whomever threw it out, and courts have decided that dumpster diving is definitely theft. Driving on a suspended license got another (less white - racist pig assholes) friend, vivek, arrested and held for a couple days. So i can only deduce that we were unwillingly the beneficiaries of societal white privilege, and for that we felt really guilty as well, and although that won't get us anywhere - it was an eyeopener for some already-open eyes. Cops are usually racist - so is most of society - and that's fucked up.


Eudocimus albus said...

ironically simon and garfunkel make references to a strong dislike of cops (and authority figures and consumerism in general).

and while i do not mean to make light of our obvious white privilege, we cannot under-estimate the power of scary dudes with beards around a dumpster to inspire fear into the hearts of even the most hardened of suits

Eudocimus albus said...

also no pun intended