Saturday, July 26, 2008


Rat was sweet today - RV threw us a major curveball, that we couldn't use the paved area in front of the warehouse at all - because he'd be doing a yardsale. interesting. that squished out jousting and the mini-relay, then nobody brought mini bikes, except the 3 jon beard and i got. Joey at Kyle's hooked us up with this shitty bmx bike for bike toss which didn't really happen either. Norms workshop was dope though, and allthough many people knew everything (or just about everything) he said, he said so much that i think there was at least something new there for everyone. Norm is an awesome guy who's son, Morgan, helps out with food not bombs. One day norm brought us a huge stack of the last 10 years of adbusters magazine he'd been saving.

Polo happened and did it happen. there were a bunch of people and some pretty intense matches. I, regrettably, donned my old pair of boots this morning because my sneakers were wet still (all 3 pairs, somehow, not including the "porch pair" that i set there to dry, but always get rained on), and even more unfortunately, the boots just wouldn't fit in my clips, a few people there had never even seen bike polo and for their first time got to witness orlando's best (and only - that is, minus rape van mike, mike palmer and metha, the mvp).

Getting back to Black Box, i was starting to have my doubts considering the curveball and murphy's law having made some of the start of the day go a little awry, but the show was great, we started fucking around with the mini bikes (8"ers) and doing silly shit with them. Keri and I started just running into eachother and into scott, then i remembered we still had some jousting lances that jon beard and i walked miles to commandeer pvc for. thus began the belated jousting on 8' bikes - it was really difficult as sitting and pedaling a bike of such small size makes for a nearly impossible task (heels-scraping-ass impossible), so we started having a "pusher" person to get the bikes moving. the boxing gloves fell off the lances a couple times, too before people seemed to get sick of it.

during monikers set scott (their drummer) drunk drooled, which was pretty funny, then doffed his shirt (already having doffed the pantalones before the show) and started going apeshit and running around the crowd for their last song.

later still, after leaving, jon and i had a run in with orlando's finest while acquiring materials for tomorrow ha. silly us.

SVCAVENGER RAT TOMORROW - REGISTRATION NOON - RACE 1:30 - BRING A BAG AND A DIGITAL CAMERA/CAMERA PHONE - single riders or groups of two allowed - $5 - all proceeds go to black box

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