Monday, July 28, 2008


photos by sleazyk and shortformelissa

Thanks to everyone! EVERYONE made this weekend awesome! Thanks for participating, planning, running czechpoints, running around, running materials from dumpsters to allisons, running, washing, baking and watching the clock for potatoes, hammering corner molding into the ground and duck taping mirrors and blinds and cardboard to it, letting us make a maze out of your back yard (and being a little late cleaning it all up), letting us use polo mallets, being you, waking up early, staying out late, starting a band, playing shows, jousting with me and getting people interesting in trying it, coming out, riding yr bike day in day out, etc.

The Rat's Summary:
starting the night before

At Black Box the night before, I started getting anxious about the race the next morning and how much more still needed to be done for it to run smooth. I'm somewhat of a chronic (yet selective) procrastinator, so the morning looked like:
1. wake up early (how early? 7 am!)
2. go pick up potatoes and water bottles
3. go home and wash the potatoes and put them into big apw pans
4. preheat oven to 400 degrees
5. start stressing the manifest and getting google maps to work in our favor
6. email jon beard the manifest stuff to print
7. get ready to go to allison's to make the maze
8. realize the potatoes can't be cooked at my house while i'm at allisons - they're thrown in the borrowed truck
9. almost forgot to turn off the oven
10. went to allisons and unloaded the water and potatoes in the driveway and start to unload the materials for the maze
11. get a mean hankering for some coffee
12. left to go get coffee
13. stopped by johns house to help with google maps
14. truck runs outta gas as i pull into the space
15. frustrated internet torment leads to badly hand-drawn map
16. dug my bike out of the pile of cardboard in the truck to go to the gas station for a can and a gallon of the good stuff
17. rode back and replaced bike under cardboard
18. jon and i left to go back to the gas station for more gas
19. got broke as hell and some coffee and headed to allison's where we met .steve who had arrived with bike trailer with surly prizes and 100 hand-tape-laminated spoke cards that took him until 3 AM the previous night to make
20. unloaded more and made the maze - the crawl method was accepted as the only way people wouldn't just see the easy way through (as the walls were only waist-height).
21. stressed the manifest more - clock ticked and we went to party store, not party city, after almost giving up on the place existing on colonial - bought face paint markers
22. scoped fashion square on the way to office depot - bank of america was decided as the first place there for people to go
23. ran into office depot - .steve had a cd and we (well, I) forgot to put the map on it (we had one that would work) - i put the draft of the manifest, instead of the final one - it didn't have the address for allison's house. Only cd we had - printed it up - were going to just scam the copies because we didn't even have enough for the copies we made - we were about to make the second batch (and pay for 5, not 100) until i got the forboding feeling that we'd get a skeptical look because we'd been standing next to this whirring copier for way longer than the time required to print 5 copies. The cashier guy only rang us up for 85 so we could pay after i fucked up by telling him we'd already made 100 double-sided copies.
24. mad dash to black box, vitamin water brought us energy drinks, not vitamin water and we all wished it was the former cos the latter made our stomachs hurt.

Getting there late pushed everything else back, but in all 40 people registered. Kim made awesome vegan cupcakes that made a nice chaser to my gastro-pancake/vitamin energy/agave nectar-concoction. See below:

This happy camper loved them too!

We set up our beautiful prizes - at great challenge, i might add, for their numbers and the smaller size of the table! Thanks, sponsors!

Got us some emergency volunteers, Thanks Gus, Leilani and Kim!

And soon enough the racers were off! I had to scramble to get to my czechpoint before the riders did! damn truck!

After hearing mixed stories of luck and misfortune regarding items and czechpoints, and clearing up what a sabal palm was, it was nearly 4 so we headed back to the warehouse and Mandy and Garrett kindly kept order of those who got back before us. From there it was a funny time trying to score manifests and validate findings. Many items that were on the list we never thought anyone would get, i.e. road cones, rebar (peeking out from a concrete boulder, no less, big "ups" to jeremy) and a bar stool! more than that, some people even vandalized hummers and confederate flags! AMAZING!

In the end, Team Andrea and Mark, umm Team Andreark? won it with 171 points, they got some prizes, we did some rando prizes then pretty much threw the rest. i think many people got something at least, which felt nice to be able to do.

I can't believe this picture! so dramatic! hahahahahahaha

More Photos can be seen at:

shortformelissa's flickr


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Julius said...

Those spoke cards were amazing... so simple and so awesome. I can't believe they were hand made.