Tuesday, September 23, 2008



To get an idea of where checkpoints will be, I decided to pose as a fashion student from valencia, then write Orlando Style magazine's parent company, Bonad Media Group and see what they thought:

"Hello there, my name is Ryan and I'm working on a feature project for my fashion class at valencia. I was interested in the input of you're magazine, Orlando Style, on the best places in Orlando to purchase the following hot commodities:

Menswear, Wine, Automobiles, Shoes, Electronics, Dresses, Formalwear, Cigars, Watches, Boating Accessories, Casualwear, Antiques, Misc.

Thanks in advance for your participation!


jeremy adams said...

haha for dresses use Tunni on Park Ave....it's pretty much sickening in that store

nathan said...

always upping the creativity! i am excited for ze ride. also YES LOLCATS!