Friday, October 3, 2008


Guayaki - makers of supreme yerba mate - have agreed to sponsor the YSSS!!! YES!

you get yr colors yet?

Jon Beard and I were talking about setting up a yacht - miss rockaway armada style - lets meet on it.



Anonymous said...


i've been repping the colors up here for a few days now that i've sewed em on.

tomorrow begins the adventures into welding the triple high.


ryanfromdeland said...

thats the shit - steve - i'm about to begin a triple myself - sweden ftw!!

Antlers said...
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Antlers said...

hey yabai--just found you guys, i'm a'yen from miss rockaway and the switchback crew ( hope to see you at bike kill!

-a'yen (

jeremy adams said...

please we either a) need to build a boat. or b) a submarine..... bicycle powered! haha how awesome is it that we get some crazy posters on fourms....from ines brunn on IBOT and the guy from Hplusson on IBOT and now someone from miss rockaway...this is fantastic!


ryanfromdeland said...

hell yeah it's awesome!

and antlers, thanks for the comment! when is bike kill - i can't find any info on this years'