Wednesday, October 29, 2008


YABAI BICYCLE CLUB proudly present:

-to be held-
N.28 // REGISTRATION: 2300HRS // RACE: 0000HRS

DAS YUPPIE SCUM SHOPPING SPREE is an alleycat race to coincide with Black Friday or as anti-consumerism activists have re-named, Buy Nothing Day. This is the day after Thanksgiving, and is the "biggest shopping day of the year." People show up in droves, sometimes camping out to be the first in line when their feudal big box opens up for business for their early bird specials, later to gift their gotten merchandise for a yuletide celebration of their choice. It's a tradition of excess, crass consumerism, and materialism that a growing number of activists, culture jammers and the like have taken resistance to to redub the "holiday"-of-fortune Buy Nothing Day.

Can you buy happiness? Gotta have the newest hot-gift of the season? Is this an acceptable way to show appreciation for eachother? by buying and buying and buying and buying?.

Yabai Bicycle Club say that it is not - and a far more useful way to spend your time is with your friends, on your bikes, racing for glory and fun.

DAS YUPPIE SCUM SHOPPING SPREE will satirize the blind consumerism and corporate branding that plague our society and modes of interaction by pitting racers against one another to see who can "buy" the hot gifts of the year fastest. Racers will be provided a shopping list (manifest) and a set amount of fake money in several new units to be exchanged for fake goods at the shopping locations of the bourgeois.

Entry Fee?? This race was originally designed to be a FREE race, but due to schedule conflicts was moved around several times, during which time two charitable beneficiaries were chosen: The Orlando-Area "Shit! My Bike got Stolen-Fund" and Orlando Food not Bombs - a group that call attention to the misallocation of funds on part of many of the world's biggest governments to spend exorbitant amount of resources on the mechanism of war than on feeding their starving poor and on the economic system of capitalism that not only distributes food to only who can pay for it, discards the rest - remember 50% of the food produced in the USA is put to waste. For these reasons the entry fee will be a reasonable $5 bones.

Midnight?? Midnight! That's why - also, November 28th - a Friday - happens to be the last friday of the month of november. DYSSS will take place a comfortable margin after critical mass - which meets 5-ish at Loch Haven Park, near the intersection of Princeton and Elgin, near the Science Center.

Prizes?? Yes, prizes will go to:
First Overall, First Gal, First Guy, Second Gal, Second Guy, Third Gal, Third Guy, Dead Fucking Last, Best Costume, and OUR PICK (may be spirit, attitude, injury, technical difficulty, bike failure, etc.)

DYSSS is sponsored by:
66FIXED, Axiom Tattoo, DBAGS, Ethos Vegan Kitchen, Etoile Boutique, Guayaki, King Kog Track Bike Boutique, Profile Racing and Yancopads



Anonymous said...

hey ryan is it tonight (thursday) and the race starts at midnight going into friday or is it registration at 11pm TOMORROW (friday) going into saturday?

Anonymous said...

I like your rework of the logos. Consider sharing with us...