Saturday, October 11, 2008


Dear Small-Town Cop,

I hope you enjoyed pulling over Yabai's first triple high tall bike. I'm disappointed that you informed me that "We aren't buddies!", but alas I must make friends with someone else who maybe will have a better haircut than your patch of finely trimmed sod. Maybe one day we will ride into the sunset hand in hand, but your hands are tied to your gun and car that you patrol this square mile town with.

My feelings are hurt, and I hope you read this sentimental piece that will warm your heart and make you tear off that badge of misconstrued authority. Ah, what a day it will be when we stomp on the top of your patrol car together! Sleep tight my dear, for tomorrow I will be seeing you again, I'm sure of!



nathan said...

the best, wisest attitude toward the 5-0 and to everyone!
too often i get wrapped up in a 'fuck the police' mindset and thats fine to a certain extent, but hatred sucks.

ryanfromdeland said...

triple high? yes!

tbm (aka el catfish) said...

so what was the reason he pulled you over? Are there laws that govern bike height?