Wednesday, October 29, 2008



did YOU notice 407fixedgear's newly correct "pedal," instead of "peddle"??

I had always wondered if the top of the 407fixedgear blog's "Peddle through those corners, s0n!" misspelling of "pedal" was intentional, and at last it has been corrected. Catfish? was this you?

Speaking of noticing things, though, It's been so nice and chilly out lately - i'm really really digging it. It's been an almost-mountain-weather-pattern thing with the warm days and cold nights too. YSSS is coming along, too, so everyone mark your calendar for the middle event in a 3-events in one month Orlando first. YUPPIE SCUM SVHOPPING SPREE is NOVEMBER 28th, 2008 - Registration is 11 PM // Race starts at midnight. That's right folks, a night race - the first in orlando since the Furoche-bash thing didn't happen (heal well, zach).

I started working on the freakiest shit-for-bike today and the frame setup is nearly done. Basically it's kind of a taller-tight/front wheel-pennyfarthing anatomic thing, but that's still pretty vague - think sack the ripper:

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