Saturday, January 24, 2009


well ive been out of commission for the last few days, but monday was awesome.  got velocichopper fixed {had a hole in the weld}.  then hung out all day till it was time for the show at hoops.  the show was amazing. i had a great  time, and got beat up.  everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves too.  thanks again to time to die, republicorpse, burn unit, guilt parade, and tigerstyle.  thanks grapevan for the soco. and of course to my amazing girlfriend you looked super good that night, and  was a good sport even when some drunkie stopped on her foot in stilettos, and wouldnt move. then i got sick. which is why i dont know if anything else cool went on this week.  i was just tired of seeing the same post up. but we have all been busy trying to put together the bike co-op.  things there seem to be progressing smoothly. name voting being done soon, and also a bike hunx calendar in the pipe.

dont know if there was a freaky friday ride last night, i hope there was. if so im sure someone will update this.

also derek got a new bike, some kinda pista or something.

going to work tonight sick or no, cause i need money.
miss u health
health ledger?

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