Friday, January 16, 2009


freaky friday on tonight? i might have some trouble making it, because the chopper needs to be repaired.  also we should get on the ball on getting the screen printing materials, so we can make more colors.  also we can make patches to sell for the co-op. like ccr and jewel patchesand stuff. if everyone is down with that of course.  maybe we can get some supplies on monday {which is also my birthday}.  hopefully i can repair the chopper then too.


steve said...

i think materials would be useful. the patches idea would be cool, we could just stencil/fabric paint them on account of the job of acquiring transparencies/screen/ink/printing etc. i'd be down with doing this. ive got a 9-5er on monday though, so i could be there later on.

jon beard said...

totally. show at hoops doesnt start till 8 so i have till then