Sunday, January 4, 2009




This past friday was the biggest freaky friday ever. There were probably 15 people, 4 of which on tallbikes (one triple), jonbeard and velocichopper, and a bunch of others on fg/track bikes. The first (and strongest dumpsters) yeilded nearly nothing. The longer (and less participated) stretch, however, got us teds of tires, some brake cable, a chain, and most notably a serfas floor pump (a nice one at that). Jonbeard took some pics, we'll see if they make it up...


There was also a small meeting before the ride consisting of myself, jonbeard and sarahbeard talking about some ideas about membership. We'll need to discuss all of it as a group (how about a real meeting soon?), but we liked:

1) All those with colors +derek and apevan are "in" - sort of as founding members
a: this includes, myself, jonbeard, sarahbeard, .steve, eric, keri, jeremy, lucy, apevan, and derek. (i hope i got everyone)
2) Getting "in"
a: people have got to be invited - after the group approves the invitation unanimously
b: if the prospective invitee accepts, they become a "prospect" for three months - a trial period if you will
this will ensure we're all friends, and said invitee is indeed who they say they are.
c: if at the end of the prospect period, the person is "approved" they can complete an initiation based upon their abilities and skill level. the group will come up with something.
3) monthly potluck - we had an idea to hold a yabai monthly vegan potluck to keep us close - no date set, but jon likes the beginnnings of the week - maybe 2nd sundays? we could have a ride to some sweet spot and hang out and eat yummy food.


tomorrow is molten monday - bring yr bikes - lets make some cool stuff - I'd really like to have a good meeting then, if possible - I'd like to talk about arty party officially, and if we're doing it for sure, what we'd need to do to get ready - it's in february.


jon beard said...

ryan are you still cool with picking me up tomorrow so we can bring all dem tires and stuff? also do you want to get started a little earlier than we have been? im down for whatever time. i can make mate/coffee/tatertots

m00j said...

there were 2 triples.

also freaky friday is the shit! i really enjoyed myself, thanks!

jon beard said...

its cool you came out mooj, hopefully ill get a chance to talk to you more next time

steve said...

ryan!/jonbeard/anyone else who may be at the wednesday sharing/carlton haus, it'd be cool to catch up.

sorry, i've been gone for a little while went up to philly and dirdy jersey and the such.

i miss all your purdy faces and would like to start to talk seriously about this, and certain actions.

'til then!


något onödig said...

sundays! would be great since they are the only day i ever have off besides wednesdays

furochewarrior said...

i really want yabai colors. drape em from my wheelchair for now. glad everything has been going well!