Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Even though there hasn't been much discussion on here about it - a couple Yabai souljah's have been working with a group of people getting a bike collective together. The first fundraising opportunity is coming up and here's the info! I hope I see everyone who reads this blog out there (attn: gus, you oughtta repost this on 407)


Milk District Party/BBQ


Milk District (The spot on robinson behind T.G. Lee, with Beta/Covert/Etoile etc.) - where most races here end


Saturday, January 17th // 12NOON-7PM


This is going to be a cool fun day to hang out. Firstly, Beta, Covert and Etoile are all having sales on their respective wares, There will be FREE vegan hot dogs provided by Aaron, the GRAND OPENING of both, ETOILE's new location (in the front of the building) and a NEW RECORD STORE called WIGGLY WORLD in the spot behind - where Etoile used to be.

This will functionally be the first fundraiser in a series of many to get the co-op going. Etoile has offered us a spot to table to tell people about the project, as well as to solicit donations. There are a couple plans working themselves out, but it looks like we'll have tools/bike repair, a donation jar, a "diorama," and buttons for sale. Etoile is also donating 10% of their sales to the project as well as having, on their own counter, a donation jar. Let's make this a strong start to a great project! Come out, hang out, eat some vegan hot dogs, buy some clothes or skateboards or records, and we'll help this community grow together.


steve said...

ryan/anyone else who is involved with this -

after reading short discussions on ibot about this topic i strongly urge the community to utilize the resources at hand... particularly a building that changes colors and sometimes emits loud noises.

i feel that it is an injustice in itself to allow negative experiences with individuals to prohibit us from progressing with a vision of which some of us once had in mind. its a vision i still hold, and know the only way it will be accomplished is with work, and not abandonment.

i don't feel like this particular avenue of communication gives justice to the emotions i hold about this particular topic, and would love to share my views in person. as well as hear others.

with my love and sincerity,

ryanfromdeland said...

cannot be changed, must be abolished

my m.o. in this case - except it's less of abolition, than non-participation.

as long as jorge has anything to do with bbc, bbc will be only the black box "collective" - im not going to go into detail, but as a "warehouse manager" he can have his fake collective, and i'm going to move forward and help make a real collective.

i actually did look into setting this up at bbc and was told we could have shop days a couple days a month and couldn't store anything there.

this isn't what we need, a fake tokenization of a real need for bicycles in the community.

steve said...

his or anyone else's sense of authority is self-given, and not justified whatsoever.

he does not "own" the collective.

a collective, as you know, is not a building, and i feel that's one of the ways the box, starting off, fell short.

i look forward to conversing with you this afternoon.