Monday, October 26, 2009

Get to tha CHOPPA! // Siqq Brag

Get to tha CHOPPA!
Originally uploaded by John Prolly
I met John Prolly in Brooklyn, randomly enough! I remember when I ran into Tom Lamarche in Philly after the Amebix Show back in January, Steve mentioned that he'd only be impressed when I ran into Prolly himself. Hahaha. There you go, steve.

For the record, he's a really nice guy it seems. He seemed surprised that I recognized him, much moreso that people read his blog ("prolly" one of, if the THE most read FG Blogs out there).

Still no luck, however, in meeting BSNYC. I'll just have to settle for NSYNC member Joey Fatone (or Fat One) who I met while pedicabbing in Orlando ca. 2005. Maybe I'll hang out at NYSC (New York Sports Club, a popular gym).

Check out Prolly isn't Probably if you haven't

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Anonymous said...

I heard about this. And yes, I'm jealous.