Monday, October 26, 2009



I'll be back in the peninsular paradise of Orlando tomorrow night! Anyone want to hang out? I've seen some cool stuff and met some cool people for sure, and if there's any way I could sum up my feelings on being back, it'd be "Fucking Awesome."

Travel and get out of town a lot: the grass does look greener everywhere, but I'd say as a whole, Orlando takes itself for granted a lot. To paraphrase (or misquote) two cool people (xbillyx from daytona, and elise):

"If you hate your city, you hate yourself..."


"If you're bored, you're boring..."

I think the punx need to be upped more. I think people need to quit saying "f****t" and calling everything they don't like "gay." I think it's about time people hung out everyday again (and excuse me sincerely if all these things have happened while i've been gone), let's actualize the potential of RCBC, Food not Bombs, Black Manatee Collective, Orange Juice, YABAI, PLB, Z/2BBC, Black Cats, CM, etc.

Orlando is full of some of the most dedicated, non-jaded, friendly, fun kids i've ever met. What's standing in our way from having a first-rate bike collective? Awesome bike events? A supportive culture and community that encompasses all of our little clubs and "cliques?" Our own inertia, that's what. And objects at rest; cultures at rest, tend to stay at rest.

p.s. derek and I were talking about a "lord of the rings" -themed alleycat - ybc meeting to work out details?


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