Monday, October 26, 2009


Running up that Hill

Thursday Morning!

I'm riding to Gainesville again for THE FEST. It'll be about 112 miles (a great way to "break myself" after being off my bike for a torturous 2 months). I can usually count on 15/20 mph average for rides that are flat, relatively wind-free and less than 50 miles, but this ride is really hilly, and in my experience, was also windy. I'd count on 10-15 mph for this (6 to 10 hours of riding time, plus breaks). It'll probably be pretty horrible after awhile and I might bring camping supplies to break up the ride for a two-day'er

Bike set up (i wish I had a touring bike, god damnit - maybe i'll fix up circle pat's gitane): Pista Concept with 650c front - 46x17 - not well suited in the slightest.

Gear (in burro backpack // packing light):
-Sleeping bag
-Tuneage (ipod)
-Reading material
-Phone charger
-Hobo Stove

I think that oughtta be light enough.

All that said, would anyone like to come along and make the trip more awesome? FYI I want to leave before the sun comes up.


Anonymous said...

I did the trip while you were gone. 115 miles. 441 the entire way. 44 x 16. Doing that trip fixed and in one day was a lot to do. For your own health and well-being DO NOT wear your bag. Jury-rig a rack for your own sake if you're taking the Bianchi. I'm sure i'll see you later today if not tomorrow. We'll talk.

ToughGhost said...

I was going to reccomend the same thing. Wearing a backpack is a super bad idea...I've done my share of bike touring and wearing a bag is the last thing you want to do. get a rack and strap your bag to the rack.
good luck! have fun <3