Monday, April 6, 2009


Yabai Cuts Ideas


So seeing as a lot of us have been cut-less (cutlas supreme?) for some time due to logistical nightmares with my screening shit - i had an idea (borrowed from the crucifixed kids) who had made theirs with a stencil - i figure this way we can crank (get it?) out shit way easier and not leave anyone out (or worse yet "unlucky them" (its a joke for mike)). The crucifixed kids had a prospect there whose initiation was to sit in a wheelchair for 24 hours during slaughterama - the wheelchair had the crucifixed colors stencilled on the back and said "cripplefixed". It was pretty funny. The guy totally did it too.


I'll make the stencil if everyone's okay with the idea - it'll be just like the screened ones with a couple "bridges" to make it a continuous stencil.


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JEROMEy said...

i like.
we should get together for a yabai ride soon....