Saturday, April 25, 2009

Being Weekly

So as a couple of you know we prelim talked to a lady from the weekly (that mikevan governater knows) and she is doing a piece on the bike culture in Orlando (and is also a regular reader of this blog, hello if you read this!) - she wanted to interview us about what we do and we mentioned tentatively (and somewhat officially) a build day at the new spot (1201 n. bumby) at 2pm - who's in? I'd like to make a better swing bike or a new chopper.


Rapevan said...

is this still happening? my phone is broken so either call me, or ill be there.

Lindy said...

From Lindy at the Orlando Weekly: How is Nicole? Both Carlos and I feel terrible about what happened. Carlos said he had nightmares last night about her. Otherwise, the photos came out great. And thanks for all of your time and entertainment.