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Slaughterama Recap (part duh)

6 People, 2 Tallbikes, 3 Fixies, 1 Mitsubishi Mirage, Nearly $0

Recipes for fun


search flickr for "slaughterama" then filter for "most recent" to get some sweet pics of the weekend

So the backstory (for those who didn't already know) - we'd saved up a little to get up to slaughterama, but wound up shelling that out to get a new place once we were evicted from the house. The story on that is also long, but the house went into foreclosure in october and we've been squatting it ever since.

Anyways, the sheriff's came 'a knocking and we were all kicked to the curb.

After giving up on getting to RVA, randon from St. Pete asked if we still wanted to go on thursday, on friday we were in RVA. That character....

We wound up staying in Church Hill (punx rule!) for my first time ever being there, at Julie and Julie, and Miranda and about 6 dogs house. First morning there (saturday) I rode it up to harrison st. before everyone got up and hung out with the lil florida kids at, um, lil florida. By the time the rest of our fl team arrived there it was time to get down to belle isle for the events.

If you've never been to RVA or specifically, the little island on the james river right next to downtown, you need to do it. Theres this windy ass bridge that hangs below a super-tall overpass, the pedestrian bridge, itself about 50 ft above the water. There's an old iron factory or something that's just a roof now and that's where slaughterama was held. Immediately, we saw shittons of bikes, kids, vests, stuff, etc. The clubs represented this year were really diverse, from face-tattooed black label kids all the way to some tall-tee wearing kids from "Get Loose Crew," and all kinds of punx and college kids in between. I saw a particularly cool looking tallbike belonging to a guy from Klunker League Now that would've been my pick for best in show (no pics about it yet, i spose).


The festivities started out drunk and only got drunker. The first event was called "six-pack attack" which was a relay involving a "custom" six pack (mismatched canned drinks, beer, v8, etc) that each team member must chug one of while navigating the course, dodging others riding and trash and stuff thrown by the spectators. We couldn't get 6 together in time, but it sure was fun to watch.

Next up was a "chicken fight" race (see last post for a photo-explanation) anthony and I were on a team, as were randon and derek. The course was the whole pavilion and as usual, trash and distractions and people dodging was abundant. Anthony and I got 2nd before wrecking into the first-placers whose wheel completely taco'ed in front of us.

After this was an egg-race where you had to protect an egg (i know, not vegan) for the course of the race, and whoever had theirs last won. I ran into cody for the first time during this and he almost bumped my egg (dot com?). I got out pretty quick.

Next up was wall-of-death-style foot down, intense, we need to do this here.

After that was chariot jousting, really silly for sure.

Then was tallbike whiplash (which if you know what whiplash is, you can imagine what kind of a bad idea it was, awesome) - basically two riders face eachother while tethered around the chest to eachother by a ~40ft rope. On the start they ride past eachother until one gets yanked off their bike. The first matchup I saw, one guy hit the ground so hard, I felt it in the floor.

The final event was the tallbike joust, which was way better done than when I saw it at the bcbc event in '07 (i guess everyone was just good at it, instead of just 2 people who were good and a bunch of others willing to hit the beach hard - including meself). It took about 20 minutes to get through the line to do it, but I wound up winning my only joust of the day! It was sweet, but now I have a brutal bruise on my stomach/hip from the lance that hit me. The guy I beat immediately high-fived me and shit and was super nice.

After this I tried a bunch of bikes and we chilled hard with the zombie bikes, bad cactus and rota kids, and consumed mad charity beers.

Charity Beers

I was broke as a joke in Richmond, but somehow got a bunch of charity beers. It was totally cool. Saturday morning on harrison I saw a kid riding a black conversion and said hi casually, and he introduced himself as "pasqual from charlotte" and then gave me a beer and said "welcome to richmond."

Later on at slaughterama I was watching some bmx kids go off on a double and some guy (ian - from rva) thanked me for watching his case and gave derek and I two more beers. Anthony and Andrea both had me covered, as did Fran (miami/ny now i guess, some of you prolly know her) and some close talker at a dance party later named "danielle with a 'd'" (the first letter of her name, not a weiner or a derek). Andrea also spotted me some viddles so shoutout to ye there.

Post-Slaughterama Dance Party

Weird ass loft at 3rd and broad, tons of smelly kids shaking asses to rap, more fun that I expected. Anthony prolly got mad URL's. There was also one of those things where the floor parts and people do little solo things, and we were all fucking around pretending to break dance and shit, then anthony busts out some legit-ass capoeira moves and everyone went apeshit.

We Missed

Day One - scavenger hunt/palletdrome
(found some pics on flickr, though)

Photos by: Dusty_Pen (click that shit to see them all)

Day Three - Polo (no pics found yet)


More pics soon as our friends upload them...

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