Monday, February 9, 2009

そんなに背部it'の党; sは性交した

"So much party in the back, it's fucked up"

Letter-writing party!

As you all read a couple posts back, lynne and panagioti from everglades earth first! were sentenced to 30 and 60 days respectively for civil disobedience at an anti-FPL demo after the winter rondy this past year. They are both super stand-up people and were sentenced as an example to repress dissident action against big business and ecodevastation. I'd like to get a letter-writing party together, to do, at least, a small part to lighten their situations. I can have paper and pens available, and we can combine the shipping. I propose friday before freaky friday, and maybe afterwards too. If you'd like to take part and can't make it, write out a letter and get it to me and i'll put it in the package. If not, i'll edit this with their mailing addresses so you can d-i-yrself.


Also pablo and jeremy from rva are in town - solid dudes, you might have met them awhile back, this time they brought bikes. They also represent rva's "riders of the apocalypse" bike club (see "u-locks of love" post mid/late august for info on them.

i'm taking them out to hoops tonight if you'd like to hang out.


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