Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The revolution will be photographed?

Today and monday, Raniel has been working on a photo essay for his "digital storytelling" class, and as a topic for it he chose freaky bikes, and he came over to the house to take pics of the bikes. These turned out really good and I can't wait to get copies to put up on here and the site. More on this soon.


Also, i checked the yabai666@gmail email (the contact from the website) and realized we had a month-old email from raven from Risk and Reward BC out of St. Pete. He correctly stated that we all should have some kind of get-together - I'm thinking freaky ride-to-potluck. Thoughts?



I met the mysterious person behind the weird fiberglass 2-bmx, topflipframed, side-seatposted bike that I spotted at grandma party at hoops awhile back - if you read this, you should come out to freaky friday.


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