Tuesday, February 24, 2009


keep them titles kanji 

how was yesterday for everyone?  things have been kinda slowed down {at least for me} on the bike building and dumpstering front.  mostly because of the efforts from all of us to get the bike co-op up and cycling.  me, derek, and from deland were also out of town for a while.  then i was bike-less, and car-less which totally sucked.

ive also had to work the last few mondays and also do turn arounds on fri/sat. so freaky friday was out.  plus we are trying to work out the best days for which dumpsters.  

now i have my new bike, and everyone is in town and the co-op seems to have gathered steam, so hopefully we can get some new projects underway.

i would like to propose a vegan yabai potluck in the evening of sat march 14.  if everyone is cool with that date then we should all request off asap so no one is left out.  dont want to have it if someone cant help missing it.


ryanfromdeland said...

can I invite risk and reward?

Ace Metric said...

Beardo! your bottom bracket is in at Ace Metric

Shleppin Deckle said...

::twinkle:: I'm down widdit. Also, inviting risk and reward would be fresh(point).

Shleppin Deckle said...

Yo. I just realized the spoker run is March 14th