Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New cuts/member status?

We should figure out if this is going to happen or not. What are everyone's thoughts on opening up to new members? trial period? getting freaky friday back in action? Yabai Port St. Lucie chapter? :)


jon beard said...

im definitely down for printing some more cuts and for having new members. i would also love to do freaky fridays again on a regular basis. also i think we need to get to work on making some bikes so we can all have freak bikes to ride as well. i know that there is still the triple around, the double is currently at my house and grapekoolaidvan still has his tight bike. i have a frame and some metal tubing and the time so all i need is some help and a welder and we can get another chopper going. we should all hang out together soon as well.

Anonymous said...

hopefully i'll see some of you fine folks this weekend as i'm heading up for the festivities. see you soon.

mooj said...

i've mentioned it before.
i wanna be yabai, so i would like to try out.