Tuesday, November 10, 2009


talkin to fromdeland i think the plan is to have our mutual friend from heart of gold make a screen(of our design) for us and send it to us. i think this is sweet on several levels 1. it will increase co-op between like minded bike punx and 2. he will do a badass job.

so im wondering how much dux we need to get together to get that done asap. also to get the paint. maybe we can multi-digit disc. the paint?

also do we want to stick with the original design? or change it up a bit?

it would be sweet if we could maybe all hangout for a lil on sunday (my next day off) or any other day this week after like 11pm. of course this is only my personal schedule and everyone else has theirs too.

havent really been able to talk to anyone about the welder situation and im not sure what the plan is. pretty integral tool for what we do! i might just buy one in jan. if we havent gotten access to one on the reg yet. that is a while from now though and im sure we would all love to start rebuilding our "stable"

oh and this friday me and sarah are going to go to some of the local trash boxes and czech em out. who else want to go? itll be after 11. found some sweet stuff from davids global cyclery last time.

love and miss yall

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