Wednesday, July 22, 2009

from student farmworker alliance

"Food, Inc.?" - Great movie. Chipotle? - Don't believe the hype.

That was the message brought by Fair Food activists to moviegoers across the country at recent screenings of the documentary "Food, Inc." sponsored by Chipotle -- which still refuses to work in partnership with the CIW to improve conditions in its tomato supply chain.

Check out the CIW site today for an exclusive report and pictures from our response to this (brazen and hypocritical?) move on the part of Chipotle, and click here to see the open letter from sustainable food leaders -- including the director and producer of "Food, Inc." -- calling on Chipotle to work with the CIW. (You can still add your name to the letter - and email Chipotle's CEO in the process - by clicking here: )

Check out some great grassroots reporting from a couple of the Chipotle-sponsored screenings:

"Why were fair food activists kicked out of Food, Inc.?" (Denver Fair Food)
"Philly residents demand that Chipotle respect farmworkers" (Labor Justice Blog)
Meanwhile, preparations for the 2009 Encuentro continue as the August 1 application deadline quickly aproaches.

Start getting ready for what promises to be a season of intense action in the Dine with Dignity campaign and the Campaign for Fair Food as we call on Aramark, Sodexo, leading supermarket chains and Chipotle to do their part to finally end the human rights crisis in Florida's fields.

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jon beard said...

to be honest "free frange" and all that other jargon is all bullshit. now matter how well they were raised, in the end they are still slaughtered uneccesarily. so it seems that ones money would in fact be better spent at mcdonalds or taco bell who have settled to support farmwokers (minimally im sure)

im sure that we know all the information in the film anyway. this is just another movie for rich hippies to go watch and then drive to a vegetarian friendly restaraunt and talk about how they are glad they only eat organic meat and produce from whole foods corp.

also whats up with the upcoming show at blackbox being sponsored by vitamin water (coca-cola, who also owns odwalla as im sure you know)? whats up with it being sponsored at all?

ryanfromdeland said...

svcavenger rat was kinda sposored by vitamin energy - i totally agree - bbc is bullshit too though

jon beard said...

i wouldnt say it was sponsored, so much as we took a bunch from the arty paprty thing next door.